At the end of my tether, Does this sound like MS?

Good afternoon folks. Sorry If I come across as melodramatic, I am so exhausted worrying If I have MS or something even worse.

I am a worrier by nature but am normally ok at rationalising things and getting myself back in check but this niggling doubt that something is wrong with me will not go away.

For a fortnight or so, I have had various niggles and have just been to the Dr today who I have to go back to next week for a blood test. Today was the second time I have seen her.

Almost everyday probably only once day I am getting really dizzy and I would say it typically lasts about 30 mins before I feel normal again. As recently as half an hour ago, my left foot when sitting at my desk at work has been very numb like pins and needles. probably only lasted ten minutes but most days this has been happening to either foot and also both at once.

I’ve had a general weak feeling in my hands and feet and was terrified and still am this could be MND. From the research I have done though, dizziness and pins and needles tends to align more with MS though, hence me coming to you guys.

My left knee has also given way albeit subtly a few times and although Im not sure anyone else would have noticed it, I have been aware of it.

My Dr has been really good and is clearly taking it serious enough to check out and of course, ultimately they will be the guide as to what happens next post blood test results but I just wondered if this mirrored anybody’s start point and then went on to be diagnosed.

I am very worried as I have very young children and to be honest, i’ve been worrying immensly about the impact of this or any other bad diagnosis.

Thanks everyone

Hello Ran

It sounds like you have an excellent doctor who is taking good care of you.

To be honest, you don’t seem melodramatic or anything out of the ordinary. Many people react as you have done when they suddenly have what seem like neurological symptoms and start to worry that they have MS, or even worse, MND.

The problem is that there are any number of diagnoses that share symptoms. So your symptoms are likely to be resolved without your having been given a scary diagnosis. Even some vitamin deficiencies can result in pin & needles, dizzyness, light headedness and weakness (eg Vitamins B12 or D).

Once your blood test results come back, your doctor will be able to see if there’s something that has a quick fix (relatively speaking). If s/he thinks that there could be a neurological problem, a referral to neurology will result. But even then, you could have something much simpler and resolveable than your brain is telling you at the moment.

Do try and relax about the problem, keep talking to us on this forum if you need to, but aim to let go of the terrible worry. That in itself won’t help, nor will it change the outcome.

One thing you could do is to start a diary of your symptoms. Think back to the first intimation that something wasn’t quite right. Write down what happened, how long it lasted, whether it completely resolved or stayed with you. Consider it as a timeline of what’s been happening. It will help you to explain to doctors what’s been going on, plus, often just the act of writing down the problems allows you to park the worry for a while.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am at a loss of what to do tbh. The thought of something bad has overtaken my life to an extent that my wife is getting very annoyed as I am not pulling my weight with my wee boys or in the house. I feel so fatigued and last night I was getting shooting pains in my calfs, thighs etc in my bed but maybe this is just my angst causing this as anxiety can do a lot as I know. I then come into work and trip going for a cup of tea which didn’t help my angst. I really have to try and stop wallowing in self pity and get a grip. I’ve never been very good with the fear of the unknown and its making things worse I think. Hopefully the blood test begins to unravel anything that may or may not be a problem. Thank you again.