I’m 26 and just recently had a baby everything seemed fine for the first 3 months then I developed some dizziness it never lasted long only had it on 2 occasions thought nothing of it and it went away, now 5 months later I started getting pins and needles along my upper back which has been coming and going for the past 4 weeks only decided to see gp after I noticed I could feel it in my hands, feet, cheek goes numb for a few seconds then goes away also fatigue has set in the past 2 days. Gp has sent my bloods away to be tested but mentioned if there all clear then ruling out MS would be next step. I can’t help but think my symptoms have to be MS because they tick every box. I know i haven’t had a diagnosis and I still haven’t had my blood results back but already feel so scared of what could be and what my life will be like if it is.

Being scared is a natural reaction to an unknown situation. However before being terrified it is really important to be patient and get a diagnosis from a professional. Your symptoms could relate to many things, some of which may be laughably benign while others could indeed be awful. Life is scary enough whilst dealing with the stuff we know about, if you add potential worries and speculation it will be overwhelming. So I would focus your efforts on seeking qualified medical advice, steer clear of Dr Google.

I am not making light of how you feel but I am trying to help you focus on getting good solid info before taking off in 1 particular direction.

You might have to make a fuss to get yourself heard but try to stay calm and polite. There will be many frustrations so you will need to judge when to wait and when to be firm and make a fuss.

I wish you all the best.


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your gp said that if your bloods came back clear it would rule out ms.

be happy about that.

however if the worse come to the worse and you get diagnosed with ms, believe me, it is not a death sentence.

do not let yourself get dragged down in a spiral of worry because you have a baby to cuddle.

very important that, the best therapy you could have.

it is highly unlikely that you have ms, there are so many other possible culprits.

so get cuddling that baby and inhale his or her sweaty head because that is the very elixir of life!

and they smell lush!

either way, you will still be around for years to come.

try to be happy whatever.

carole x

I know it sounds like a silly thing to say in the circumstances, but as the others have said - please try not to be scared. I have been through a similar thing to you - I went to the GP about some symptoms, was referred for blood tests and when they came back clear he referred me to a neurologist so the symptoms could be investigated by a specialist, and MS was mentioned as a possibility when he made the referral. It’s scary when you realise there’s a chance you’ve got something life changing, and I was pretty upset at first - but then I looked into MS and realised that although it’s something I’d rather not have, advances in medicine and diagnosis mean that nowadays it can be a very manageable condition, and that put my mind at ease a bit. I also realised when I saw the neurologist that there are several different conditions that have similar symptoms to MS, so just because MS has been mentioned it doesn’t mean that’s the path you’re going to go down, it could be something much more temporary :slight_smile: I still haven’t been diagnosed with MS - instead I’ve been told I’ve had a one-off episode of MS-like symptoms (Clinically Isolated Syndrome) which may or may not develop into MS, and I’m awaiting further tests to try to find out more. So there’s a chance I may never get MS, and my symptoms will eventually get better. Take things one step at a time and ask your GP (and neurologist if you’re referred) about things you’re worried about - the more information you’re armed with, the easier it is to cope with things :slight_smile: Sarah

Hi Mick thanks for replying , I know it’s early days and I don’t have a diagnosis yet I think it’s more the unknowing and waiting to see what happens next that I’m not liking to much either way I just know there’s something not quite right. I have been one to ask dr google and i know I shouldn’t but I still do I really need to stop that lol. Hope your well and thanks for the advice you’ve helped ease my mind a little

Hi Carole

I’m not sure what I was expecting going into the doctors office but I never expected to be told it could be MS and the talk of MRIs I never even knew what MS was so It was a bit of a shock. Your right baby’s do smell lush lol, he’s helping me through the waiting game either way I know there’s something not quite right. You’ve really helped ease my mind a little thanks and I hope your doing well x

Hi Sarah

That sounds exactly what’s happening to me I just feel I’m waiting for bloods which Might come back clear then it means even more waiting to see someone and find out what’s going on hopefully . What symptoms did you experience ? My pins and needles are jumping all over the place all the time it’s been about 4 weeks now and I’m feeling them in all different places all the time along with other symptoms like dizziness and fatigue. Hopefully yours never turns into MS and you get more answers when they do more testing, I’m hoping it is something temporary and nothing to serious that’s going on with me but when things like this happen you realise how much you take the little things for granted and how easily everything can change. Thanks for the advice, Hope you get some answers

Tily x

Hi Tily,

Sorry for the slow reply! My symptoms started with numbness and tingling in my right hand - at first my GP thought it was carpal tunnel but then the numbness spread down my right side through my torso and legs, so I went back and he did blood tests in the hope it was something straightforward like a vitamin deficiency. By the time the results came back I’d started getting a buzzing sensation at the base of my spine and through my thighs whenever I put my head down and my legs felt really heavy, and because the bloods were clear he referred me straight to neurology as he was concerned that the symptoms were progressing so quickly and felt that they may be consistent with MS. Since then my symptoms have changed frequently - sometimes I feel almost “normal” again (although admittedly not very often recently), other times I feel really affected, and I seem to have bouts where symptoms such as fatigue or brain fog flare up and then die down again only for something else to flare up!

I’ve noticed that my symptoms are worse when I’m stressed, upset or if I’ve exerted myself so although it’s a worrying time and you have your baby to look after, if you’re able to try to stay calm and relaxed and reduce the amount you’re doing that may help your symptoms feel slightly less noticeable.

I’ll be keeping everything crossed that your blood tests flag up something easily treatable - but if not, it’s going to be ok :slight_smile: