Anxious and unsure


i had a baby 9 months ago and my back has never been the same since. Recently over the last few months I have been experiencing pins and needles in parts of my back and scalp. They only last a minute at most then go away and it sometimes happens 2-3 times in a day then nothing for a few days/ weeks and so on. Other than my back being sore the only other thing I have are some joints but so do all the other new mummies that I know.

i goggled pins and needles on scalp and it came back saying could be MS. I’m quite and anxious person and am now worrying that this is what I have and wondered if this sounded like it could be or?

many thanks in advance.

Hi Suzy

congratulations on the birth of your baby!

If you’re worried about your symptoms you should see your GP, he could possibly refer you to a Neuro.

MS has many, many varied symptoms so it’d be impossible for anyone here to give you any answers, the only person who could possibly help is a Neuro…but only after many tests.

Try not to worry, see your GP & try to keep away from Dr Google…far too much misleading information at this early stage! Leave it to the professionals

Good luck


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