Symptoms of MS

Hi everyone.

I’m new to the forum. My story starts off with my mother having been diagnosed with MS when she was in her 30s. She is now in her 50s and it’s progressive. I am currently in my 30s and I have been developing symptoms, for a couple of years. I have got a really bad neck which I have had for months!! I’m stiff in the mornings and I have lower back pain. I also get pins and needles in my hands and feet but these come and go and don’t last very long. I also get periods where I am exhausted.

I have watched my mother deteriorate throughout the years and I am scared! I keep making excuse after excuse not to go to the doctors. I did have an MRI back last year as they thought I had had a mini stroke but they put it down to a post natal migraine (the neurologist said this was common)

Am I just imagining all the symptoms cause of my mother? Would the MRI have shown something?

Thank you xx

I take it your a new mum then? Your symptoms can be down to change in hormones too after birth or baby leaning on spine etc and taking a time to resolve. It can trigger a form of carpal tunnel syndrome (oh the joys of being pregnant lol). You are worrying yourself into this. The more you think about it the more the symptoms will be there.

I never had a stiff back when i started my journey it was my eyes that did it. Stiff back can be caused by the bad posture in pregnancy even after the birth and your body is still readjusting.

It could also be a sign of B12 or thyroid. Have you had blood tests you say you had an MRI last year when and also why? what were the symptoms?

because your mum has MS does not mean you will ever get it, as its not hereditary.

If you only have pins and needles in your hand and stiff back since your last MRI i am not convinced it would be MS, but i am not a doctor.

I think you could do with a form of counselling to talk your concerns through with someone.

being a mum is hard work.

I know your scared its obvious from your post and you need to talk to a professional. IMHO.


I am so scared of all the symptoms I’ve been having - not had a diagnosis and panicking at thought.

For the past 4 years I’ve had nothing but health issues that have lasted months - gyni problems, ongoing indigestion and difficulty swallowing and now diagnosed with labyrinthitis. I know it’s more serious than that - gp sent me for ct head scan as I was having severe headaches. Now I have tinnitus, pins and needles in finger and a numb painful earlobe, ongoing dizziness and legs feeling very weak. I am in my 60’s and these symptoms have appeared almost overnight - is it possible for MS to strike at this stage in my life ?


it has long been said that MS is a young persons disease.

i was diagnosed at 50, i’m now 60.

don’t second guess the cause of your symptoms.

see your GP and tell him/her that you’re concerned but don’t say MS.

the GP should examine you and maybe refer you to one or more specialists.

if your GP seems to be reluctant then insist on investigations to find out what is wrong.

my top tip is to avoid stress because that only makes symptoms worse.

try some relaxation techniques.

slow breathing: inhale to a count of 5, hold that breath for a count of 5, exhale slowly for a count of 10 (blow it out).

place your hands on your tum and feel it expand when you inhale and drop back when you exhale.

this is the basis of a mindfulness meditation course developed by the Buddhist centre in Manchester.

to be honest it doesn’t sound like MS to me but i’m not a doctor.

you have a range of problems that need to be addressed.

your GP should be able to help.

referral to gynaecologist

something for indigestion eg omeprazole.

i really hope this helps.

carole x

the dizzyness could be an inner ear thing so a referral to ENT

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