Before diagnosis. Worried about symptoms


My mum has been having some strange symptoms lately that seem to point towards MS. She has pins and needles / numbness feeling in her scalp, twitching in her eye, a persistent cough which is much worse at night and she also has scabs in her nose / bleeding when she blows her nose (but we’re not sure if that is related).

She first noticed the symptoms during her holiday to Cyprus three weeks ago. We thought maybe she had picked up a virus on the plane or something but she has absolutely no flu or cold type symptoms and she has no phlegm from her cough. It is more like a dry cough.

I am worried because her brother has a disabling type of MS - I guess it is primary progressive MS because it just keeps getting worse over many years.

She now thinks she might be getting vision problems as well. I’m really worried. We are going to the doctors this afternoon but it is all I can think about and I know she’s scared about it too.

Has anyone else had these symptoms please? I’m worried that the doctor will try to just give us antibiotics and tell us to come back in a few weeks. We both just want to know what it is.

Thank you in advance for any comments.


hi katelikeschips

ms symptoms are so wide ranging, it’s hard to say what your mum’s point to.

i hope the doctors appointment has reassured you both or at least a referral to neurology has been made.

the symptoms can be helped by asking your gp for medications.

i had cold sores inside my nose - so attractive cos they looked like bogies!#

i bought some medicated cream from boots - blisteze i think

take care

carolelikeschipstoo x

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Hi, so how did the docs appt go? Did your mum get a referral?