Could I have ms, confused and no help

Over the past 3 months I’ve been having weird sensation. It started 1 week after I gave birth were my right leg felt like a band was around my calf which went away.
I then had a really bad headache at the back of my head for 2 weeks and back pain. My doctor put this down to a tension headache but I’m not convinced. I then kept getting pins and needles on my hand and legs which would last up to a minute and go away. These symptoms resolved but I have noticed this has returned worse than before 2 months later.
If I sit a certain way on legs for a few minutes I’d have pins and neeedles in my feet and leg. Now I’ve noticed at night time or in the morning when I wake up, I have pins and needles in my left hand which last around a minute. This is upon everytime I wake which is concerning, as I’m not laying on my arm. I’ve also noticed that the same arm feels heavier.
I’ve mentioned this to my Gp but he doesn’t seem conferenced. Should I push for a neurology appointment?

Keep good notes, at least. Then if something comes up that does engage the GP’s interest, there’ll be some history and context. But if things are really bothering you, then do talk to the GP again and see if you can get something moving. The worst that can happen is the GP think you’re nuisance, but at least you’ll have done your best to be heard.

I’m a male with no children so this is way out of my experience - but is it worth getting back to the hospital and/or maternity services to consider if and how this might relate to the pregnancy and birth ?