Should I push my GP?

Hi - I am new and worried about symptoms that might be MS. I had my second baby 4 months ago. During my pregnancy I developed a pain in my heel when I flexed my foot towards my body. Then about 2 months ago the same area on my heel went numb. I saw a GP about it and she wasn’t concerned at all and thought it could be a back issue. I went to see my physio as I do have a history of lower back problems. He mentioned MS to me, but it was already on my mind anyway. Then shortly after seeing the dr and physio, I started to get slight tingling sensations in a couple of patches in the same leg. One just at the bottom of my bum/top of thigh, one just above my knee and sometimes on the calf. Then a couple of weeks after that I developed a similar pain on the top of my right foot to the one in my heel, that I can only feel when I point my toes. This has subsequently developed into tingling. I can aggravate this by pressing a spot on my calf. The tingling covers the top my foot and sometimes a band around my ankle. This has all been quite transient. So I went back to see my regular GP who also told me it’s nothing to worry about, and I should try not to think about it… I have been back to see my physio again and talked it through with him. He is still worried, as am I, that MS might be the cause, although also feels it could be a nerve aggravated by pregnancy. However, in the last few days I have also started to get tiny twitches in the muscles in both legs, in different spots. It’s consuming my thoughts at the moment, and I don’t know whether to take my drs advice and try to forget about it or pester him for a neuro referral.

Hi there I think that there are a lot of things that your symptoms could be and that the physio hasn’t really helped by continuously referring to MS. He/she is really noth qualified to say that. He/she could be worrying you unnecessarily. If you are so worried about it though you must return to your GP or see another in the practice. They may refer you but it could be that you have a nerve problem. I hope you get some answers soon. Teresa xx

Sorry - not Teresa xx

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As Teresa says, the physio really shouldn’t be talking about MS - there are literally hundreds of possible causes of your symptoms, some of which are quite easy to treat, and physios are in no way qualified to judge what’s going on. And, tbh, your symptoms don’t sound very typical of MS, to me anyway.

I don’t think your GP should be dismissing things so easily though - if she thinks it’s a back issue, what’s she doing about investigating and treating it??

If I were you, I would make a deal with my GP: investigate my back issue, but if nothing turns up, refer me to a neurologist.

Do try not to worry so much. I’m sure it will be fine :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hi Teresa and Karen - thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it and they are both reassuring. I think I will speak again to my GP. I know what you mean about my physio, but I think to be fair to him he’s trying to help. I am trying not to get things out of proportion but it’s so difficult, especially with the renewed responsibility of a second baby. But again I have to remember that there symptoms could easily be related to the impact of pregnancy on my back, and subsequent demands on my back and legs of a small baby (yesterday I spent nearly all day on my feet rocking him as he’s poorly) plus doing a mile and a half round trip twice a day on the school run, usually flat out as we’re always late!! Thanks again.

Hi again You have a lot on your plate atm and it is easy when you are so busy and stressed to be anxious about anything that is going on which cannot be explained. This perfectly understandable. Karen’s suggestion is sound - see your GP and push for answers but is nothing transpires re: your back. Try to get that neuro referral. Teresa xx