Scared of getting diagnosis

Hi all I go to my gp next week to start discussing what the heck is wrong with me. Me being me, I’ve done some research myself on my symptoms and although there are some minor issues it could be, like trapped nerves, I don’t feel it’s that simple. I looked at the ms symptoms and I have quite few now and have had a few last year. Up until now I put them down to pregnancy at the time and now having a new baby. What would you suggest? Is there a high chance this is ms?

Hi Kcaloe and wlecome,

Unfortunately none of us are nurologists, and you havent explained what symptoms you were having. write a list and take it to your GP then they will know whether to reffer you to a nurologist, It can take a long time to be diagnosed with MS but so many other problems have the same symptoms.

The worst thing you can do is check with Dr Google and try and self diagnose, go to the docs with an open mind and ask him his professional opinion, if your not happy with what he says see another GP.

Good luck

hi kcaloe, I was also like you and looked up my symptoms on google - to quote a film ‘big mistake…huge!’ I went to the doctors with a sore knee and then sore elbows - have been told I have runners knee and tennis elbow. My brain however is still telling me otherwise and continually brings up other ‘symptoms’. Speak to your doctor and try not to google - although I know it’s hard. There are lots of lovely people on this forum tho who can give you support so use this too. Good luck p :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advise all. I completely forgot the symptom bit lol I have an appointment with gp next week so was gonna ask him about it anyway but I’m just worried about dropping my 10 week old when my arm goes numb and and hand/wrist goes weak. As my hubby is always telling me ‘adapt and overcome’ :slight_smile:

Hello, My advice would be to not mention MS to your GP. Write a short list of symptoms, emphasising the most troublesome first. GPs can be quick to assume anxiety etc. as soon as they see a long list and hear conditions mentioned such as MS. Congratulations on your baby, enjoy the time, it’s wonderful, tiring, but wonderful!! Good luck Sam x

Also my neigbhour has recently had a baby, your constantly holding and feeding, your arms to go weak (well hers do) and she where a wrist support no sometime to help. Dont think to much about it and agreed with Sam, dont mention MS,

I went to my doctor two weeks ago and told him all the different symptoms i’ve been having ,he said i need to see a nurlogist but he’s pretty sure going on my records over the last two years that it seems like MS, I understand your frightened i’m weary of the unknown to but best see your GP and go from there.Good luck

Thanks won’t be mentioning ms to them but I do have that gut feeling. I think I’m more scared about it because of the stigma attached and there’s a lady who lives near me who is constantly going on about the fact that she has it and is a bad example of the condition.

Just a quickie as the others have covered everything. I don’t know what “stigma” MS has, but I can tell you that the media are woeful at accurately portraying MS. The vast majority never use a wheelchair, cope well thanks to excellent meds, therapy and treatment and live long, happy and fulfilled lives. It’s not something that anyone in their right mind would wish for, but it absolutely is NOT the end of the world!

There are hundreds of conditions that mimic MS, some of which are relatively easy to treat. So try to keep an open mind.

Karen x