So confused

I guess I have one question to start with. Has anyone that has been diagnosed had only symptoms in their legs at first? I’m getting fasciculations and occasionally tingling but no numbness. Pain in calves and knees, and a slight buzzing feeling. Have appt with GP in about a month, but worried and might try to go sooner. The anxiety about all this is really bad! I have no weakness in my legs, just this annoying feeling. Has anyone had this as a first sign of MS? Thanks


If I’m reading you correctly, you have symptoms that you feel could be early signs of MS, but haven’t seen a doctor yet?

You should be aware that there are many diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. So don’t get too hung up on MS.

What’s often a good idea is to start keeping a diary or timeline of the symptoms you have. Then when you see your GP you’ll have some clear information to discuss. Write down when things started, how long they’ve lasted and whether they clear up or stay with you.

If your GP thinks there’s something not quite right neurologically, s/he should refer you to a neurologist.

Then you’d be asked to go through your history again, so the timeline would be useful.

Best of luck.