Feel like I'm crazy

Hi there. My name is Charlie and I just wanted some advice/reassurance I’m not loosing my mind. I apologise but this may be a long post.

I’m 27 year old mum of 2. Late last year I noticed that I kept getting pins and needles very easily in my arms and legs and it would sometimes last a long time. In January my husband and mum made me get a Drs appt. My mum then told me my great auntie had ms and was in a wheelchair from the age of 19. (Not sure if that makes any difference). The Dr said that it’s unlikely that it could be ms as I have these feelings in more than one limb. So I had put ms out of my mind. He sent me for numerous blood tests which showed I was very low in b12 and vit d. So I had b12 injections and vit d supplements which didn’t make much difference so he referred me to a neuro. I had the appt early this month and he checked all my reflexes etc and said they were all fine but to send me for an mri just in case. I’m still waiting for my appt. But this past week or so I’ve felt very ‘off’. I keep forgetting simple things and planning my days with the kids (ie dinners/times) but then realise I’ve planned it all wrong. My husband looks at me like I’m mad!! Also I’ve been getting a strange feeling in my rib area like I’m being squashed, it only lasts a few seconds but it happens quite a lot throughout the day. Is this like an ms hug?! So now I have ms back in my head! And I’ve been very tired and have had to hand my notice in at work because I worked early mornings in a bakery.

I’m very sorry for this massive post but I’m not very good at talking to people incase they think I’m weird or just making it up/exaggerating.

I was just wondering what people think, and whether I’m worrying over nothing. Thank you in advance.

I think you have got it just right: check things out, because that is the sensible thing to do when there’s odd stuff happening. With luck, it’s nothing, or nothing serious, but if you feel that there is something going on that needs explaining, then the only thing to do is find out. No point ignoring it when you are already worried: there’s nothing worse than letting worries fester, unexamined. Much better to expose them to the light: that way they can be examined and (with luck) dismissed.

Please try not to worry too much. Most people who worry about having MS turn out not to have it. You have done the right thing, getting the ball rolling to find out what is going on. Please try now to let the thing play itself out, and don’t waste more time than you can help worrying about it. I would suggest, however, that you keep a written record of what it happening and when. It might come in useful when you see the neurologist, and saves you trying to store dates etc in your head. Writing it down frees up some bandwidth!

Good luck.


Hi. I hope the doctors have managed to help you out and hopefully your mri was ok. It’s interesting that you mentioned B12 deficiency. Nobody tested me for that. I had an MRI that showed a small leision but the neurologist just passed it off by saying I probably moved in the scanner. I have been refused any other tests even though everything is pointing to MS. So fed up now

I went back to my GP because Ive stiffened up alot and feel so clumsy. I told him I haven’t had any evoked potentials done and so he said he would book me in for a nerve conduction study. Finally !! I thought he was going to book an EMG test and would finally get something positive done - but I was wrong !! I had a letter to go for an EEG !!! I haven’t got epilepsy. Is this normal? Maybe he ordered the wrong test?