I don't think its MS but

Having lots of strange symptoms and I don’t think its MS but a nurse asked me if I got tingling and numbness and I said yes and she said that maybe something. I had put that down to nerves but the other morning I woke up with both arms and back almost but not completely numb. No obvious cause. Had very slight feeling. Get woken at night be shooting pains. Bone type pains since Sept and often exhausted, just fall asleep with no warning and dizziness. Blood tests just showed very mild anaemia and slightly CE for kidneys.

Lots of urine leaking, sorry for the tmi, and bizarre results on tests, looks like its not cancer today. Vision has gone funny but in both eyes, dots will jump around on page. Its most likely something else but I am getting baffled as to what. Thanks for any ideas. Can walk fine but feel off balance all the time but think thats nerves. Legs move OK but stiff beyond a certain point a lot more than before. Having to wfh almost all the time as not well enough for commute. No family history of MS. Feels like I have flu every day. I have had anxiety before but nothing like these physical symptoms except dizziness, its just wierd. It could just be lots of little things.

Pp (sorry I am a bugger for using shortened names) it could be a number of things not necessarily MS. I’m hoping for your sake it’s not. You really don’t want this label. Has there been any suggestion it could be? I’m presuming you are in consultation with your Dr. Only a neurologist can categorically tell you it’s MS. We can only tell our stories, you need medical input & advice. xx

Hi I am newly diagnosed with MS . Mine started with optical neuritis and the optician spotted it and sent to to the eye hospita… he also mentioned NMO look it up on nhs website. Please go to your opticians if your having problems with your eyes they are so important hopefully they can look at the back of your eyes to see if there is anything obviously wrong. Definitely seek medical advice for your other symptoms.

Very sensible comments.

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Thanks very much. I have been referred to urology and gynaecology though gynae issues of fibroids is obviously seperate but could well account for the anaemia and maybe some of the dizziness.

Urology asked if I had pins and needles and numbness and when I said yes they said that could be significant. I said I thought pins and needles was anxiety (breathing too fast) and I don’t get numbness that often and it just lasts for a few hours. Other symptoms they have no explanation for but as work are letting me work from home there’s no pressure for them to find what it is. I think they think its a lot of seperate issues that have happened at once plus some anxiety. Probably is that just wierd how they all came on close to each other, well within a year, and keep getting worse. Its strange had anxiety in the past and very fit and healthy, swimming about 300 lengths a week, now struggling to get out of bed. Get wierd pains at night just shooting down my legs which wake me up and woke up half numb the other day. Husband said it would be how I slept but I cant have slept on half me surely. Thanks very much for the help. Eyes are normally OK but see dots at times but suspect its more the dizziness than the eyes. Feel quite unstable walking but no weakness just feel need hands out to balance and like I am going to faint but haven’t yet. Maybe nerves but strange its all the time and I am not nervous all the time.


Perhaps you should see your GP and discuss all that you’ve written here. Maybe they could check your vitamin D and B12 levels? Otherwise, if they thought there was an anxiety underlying the strange physical symptoms, they might be able to suggest a way of managing that. Or there could be reasons for your odd symptoms and fatigue because of your gynaecology and/or urology issues.

If the GP felt there was good reason to, they could of course refer you for a neurological exam. Generally MS symptoms don’t come and especially disappear that quickly though, they’ll come and hang about for at least a few days, more likely weeks. The neurologist would be able to see whether there’s anything not right about these symptoms and if necessary refer you for more tests.

Hopefully all will be well.


Thanks very much. I do discuss things quite a lot with the GP but they seem to think its urology / gynae symptoms but are puzzled by some of the other things. I have sent a message to him to say what the other doctor said about pins and needles but I don’t think there’s enough distinctive symptoms to start MS testing. Vit D did come back normal though I had taken lots of supplements, iron was all that came back low and it could well be that’s what’s causing the dizziness and tiredness. Thanks for your help.