Have I got MS?

Hi all

im a 33 year old mother of three children. The youngest is 11 months old.

About four days ago I started with a weird feeling in one eye. I couldn’t really explain what it is but it just doesn’t feel right. No pain, just odd!

I went to the optician last night who did a full check and said that nothing was visible to cause any concern.

Yesterday I started with numbness and tingling in my left hand and foot. This feeling has now travelled to my leg and forearm.

Obviously Google isn’t the best place to look but who doesn’t?

I now either have a brain tumour, I’m having a mini stroke, an aneurysm or I have MS apparently.

I have a gp apt on Monday morning but this seems so far away! I am panicking so badly that something is seriously wrong with me.

Can anyone help?


Do you have Ms ? Based on what you have said , Id say quite unlikely .On the basis of just tingling etc .(your eyes are fine ) you cannot assume Ms . Hundreds of things can cause tingling .

Try not to worry as worry makes symptoms worse .

Kat x

The only way to know for sure is to head to your GP, but please try not to worry! There are many things that can cause tingling for example a vitamin deficiency that can be very easily treated! :slight_smile:

What an attractive list of options. Don’t forget the ‘transient idiopathic’ option, though - the great swathe of things that just come and go and no one has the faintest idea why and no harm done. And there will be host of conditions that do have names but not ones as frightening as Dr Google’s suggestions, but that will also be in the running as far as the doctors are concerned.

Of course you are thinking the worst. Who doesn’t? And, as you say, Dr Google is not exactly a reassuring medical advisor. The only remedy is to get the opinion of a real doctor, and that is what you are doing.

I hope that you find that there isn’t too much amiss. Good luck.