Meltdown anyone?

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else has the same problem as me. If more than one person is talking to me at the same time my brain turns into mashed potato and I cant remember the simplest words. The same if i am trying to absorb information, if I don’t do it at my own speed or if I am pressured I go into total meltdown. It makes it worse then when the other person starts suggesting words instead of waiting for me. Strangely this doesn’t affect me when I am under pressure at work but then that doesn’t involve any other person. Has anyone any good tips for this prob?


tell them to give you time, explain that we need time to process what they’ve said and time to formulate a reply. if they can’t be bothered then don’t have conversations with them.

it’s tough but ms changes from one week to the next. i had to tell people to give me time (a couple of years ago now), most people took it on board but my sister just couldnt get her head round it.

take care

carole x

Hi I do know just what you mean. The problem is worsened for me as I am deaf in my right ear! I do try to lip read but the concentration needed, causes me to miss other things. Folk now know to walk on my left side, so I can hear them. But if there is other noise, which there usually is, I get muddled easily.

The only thing we can do is explain to folk how we need them to speak more clearly and wait until we respond to one thing before moving on to something else.

This is difficult to do in all situations, so we lose out and this is another example of when I say I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

Have to get used to it, but it can be frustrating and upsetting, eh? I said eh?

luv POllx

Dear Sue

Oh yes, this is familiar. People won’t wait for an answer sometimes and try to put words in your mouth which causes overload, or they fire questions at you, one after the other. It’s useless trying to deal with it so I just stop, let it all go quiet and start again.


Know what you mean about being on the outside looking in! Makes you feel like an alien especially when we have our moon boots to wear as well! So thats why my thought is ‘beam me up Scottie’ on those occasions!


i wrote re this recently. i could manage big words like electro magnetic force but struggled with in,and,to etc.

now i can manage most of the words-just said in a foreign sounding accent-strange!

ellie x

hi everyone, i thought it was being stressed that made me not be able to concentrate and think/talk properly sometimes? is it just another symptom of ms then? why does this happen? (am new to this)

best wishes


I think the problem is all about multiple inputs. I had to give up teaching classes of 30 as my brain just couldn’t monitor everyone at the same time. I can just about manage 8-10 now but even that has its difficult moments. I have to really concentrate if my husband talks to me when he also has the radio on too. Some of my family understand if I shout “too much information” but not all!

i struggle with this as well, I can’t concentrate well if there is background noise either.


in 8 years i have only experienced this once (thank goodness) i was very busy and trying to talk to my brother i hadnt seen for ages and my words would not come out properly. remember asking my daughter to get me a screwdriver but it came out sewcumberger!! he just sat and looked at me and until it passed.

when stressed my speech becomes slurred and the weird thing is i dont often notice.

i have found i cant follow instructions anymore. a recipe is ok but anything else is not. when i watch come dine with me (guilty pleasure) by the time it gets to the 3rd person i have totally forgotten what the 1st cooked.

doing lots puzzles in the hope my brain does not turn to mush-hope not too late!!!