I’m just wondering what hobbies people have and whether you’ve had to acquire new ones or adapt your old ones as your MS progressed.

I used to love hiking but can’t do it any more, so I sit on the back porch in my rocking chair and watch nature from a distance. I bought a decent pair of binoculars and have begun paying attention to the various birds. I also set out suet blocks so I can bring the birds to the porch without having to deal with heavy bags of seed.

I’ve also gotten back into my childhood hobby of stamp collecting, but I can’t help but wonder how long I’ll be able to handle those little pieces of paper.

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Hi Norasmum, I read and watch tv…I did like cross stitch, can’t anymore due to painful/spasms in hands, I did jigsaws, can’t seen to do them anymore I too like watching the birds and my hubby feeds them on my behalf…nature is so lovely, roll on spring.

Jean x x

Hi, i used to like walking, reading and cross stitch but i cant do them - i still read abit but it has to be something light hearted and doesnt require much concentration. My daughter keeps chickens so they are most of the birds i get in the garden, they are quite funny to watch. I still work so when i get home im ready to watch tv and chill. I would be interested in any good ideas for the future

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I’ve become the same way with books! I’ve always loved to read, and when I bought my dream house the first thing I installed were a dozen bookcases, but I’ve found I can’t read any more. Once in a while I can do a light, fluffy romance or murder mystery, but nothing that requires any thought. Very frustrating.

Hi NorasMum and others,

Put as a list:-

  1. I like watching wildlife from my kitchen .

  2. Doing crosswords online - guardian does good quick or cryptic ones that you can check your answer or it fills them in for you.

  1. Reading my kindle - hand strap on the cover makes it easier to read. Can change print size, font etc.

  2. Doing jigsaws - just done a lovely one with whimsy shapes , animal shapes, very clever.

  3. Online games like solitaire or mahjong.

Used to play bridge at a bridge club. As my hands deteriorated I used a card holder. Finally had to stop as it took me too long to sort my cards and brain fog hindered me too. Sad having to stop but Covid did that anyway!

Used to make my own greetings cards but sense of touch gone so quite difficult.

  1. Anything that I can do while sitting down with a coffee and a biscuit!!

Interested to hear other peoples hobbies


Have you seen the seat stands? I find the floor frame quite difficult to use. Same position as you, still have my completed ones to enjoy one of which is much admired, the millenium one, took me ages!

I keep up with the forum and am awaiting a good new series on TV.

I used to paint watercolours and may dig out my art stuff.

It was a nice thing to do because my cr*ppy hands could still make a picture even though I can’t sign my own name!

I try new ingredients. A shop just across the road sells gnocci and it is lovely pan fried in butter and garlic. In fact I’m going to get some once I feel up to facing the pigging weather. I am grateful for the sheepskin gloves I bought 2 years ago!

Like Jen (Goldrat) I enjoy coffee and biscuits, later on I enjoy a gin and tonic.

My kindle is the best thing i ever bought.

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Hobbies wise I do a lot of cooking & baking, yoga, meditation, I volunteer at a local Centre, exercise (when I have the strength!).

I also enjoy watching good tv series & movies , reading, and going to acupuncture once a month.

I think it’s so important to have hobbies , no matter how big or small.

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Hi. Over the 20 plus years I’ve had MS, I dabbled in many hobbies is short story writing… don’t have the stamina or patience for a full length novel…quilting, rag doll making…carry cots and bedding for dolls…aprons…bags…cards…bookmarks… jewellery…drawing…Now my hands and fingers aren’t working right, I have little ability for anything much. I used to see for hours but now just 30 minutes is enough. Last year I joined in the massive brigade of masks makers. I made. 60. Also made 40 cushions for charity and friends. I read a bit too. Keep looking and you’ll find something you enjoy xx

I run marathons. I have completed 5/6 World Majors and I’m currently training for another to qualify for the Boston marathon. MS is a bit of a hinderance when it comes to running fast, but I’ll give it all I’ve got.

I collect cups from different countries and cities. My friends always know what to bring me from a trip :wink:

I really like to read book. You know, some days I am so tired, that I can hardly turn over the pages of a book. Is watching movies a hobby?

Hi there!
I usually take up some new hobby every 6 months, give or take. During these 6 months I try to get it to know as well as possible. Then I switch to something else. At the moment I am into art. I try to learn painting :slight_smile:

Very intresting! I started to paint by airbrush. It relaxes me

All my life, my main hobby has been sports. I loved soccer and basketball. I could play on the soccer field all day and not get bored. When I found it hard to play, I changed my hobby to video games. I can do everything I can’t do in life, so I think it’s a great substitute for hobbies that require physical activity. I mostly play FIFA and sometimes go to (removed by moderator) to have a little distraction and fun. I like to meet new people and socialize with them, so I play servers. I might not even be able to do that soon, but for now, I want to get the most out of my new hobby.

reading books and doing sports

Hi @NorasMom. Great question. I am a would be artist and writer. Although, due to pain and fatigue I can’t due them as easily as I would like. I am always thinking of other ways of accessing the arts. I watch art programmes, look for short story competitions that I plan to enter but never do.
I love setting seeds and watching what happens, which I have done this year year in my kitchen. Perhaps if I get any success, after my hubby takes over, I will take some pictures and forward on.
Oh… ps and singing which I do very badly :grin: