MS, birds, peace...

I was diagnosed recently, just the other day (it was no surprise at all).

What I would like is to hear about what others do when they take time out from thinking about MS. So maybe you would like to share ideas in this thread about things you do that make you feel at peace. For me it is birds much of the time - observing birds, photographing birds, drawing birds.

I would especially love to hear from you if you too are interested in birds! If so, you might be interested in visiting my personal website / birding blog - I could send you a private message with the internet address if you like.

Wishing you all well.

Hi Dunlin, interesting subject

Well my cat contributed to an MS nerve pain attack on Friday; as he had caught a baby blackbird. The parents had been squawking at us for over a week; I got so fed up with the noise I had shouted at them to “please shut up”. I felt very sad and depressed about the baby as I love birds but am no longer able to enjoy them at home since the arrival of Tigga.

On a more positive note, I do find relaxing music helps, surprisingly find myself listening to 1930s/40s music on radio 2, Sunday evenings, I drift off to sleep with Billy Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald playing in my ears. Crime novels help me escape from MS, tai chi and mindfulness help too.

I do have an overwhelming love of animals and can’t imagine my life without them, even Tigga.

Wendy x

I like seeing birds, have a feeding station in the garden and get greenfinches, goldfinches, chaffinches, one bullfinch, robins, dunnocks, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue and great tits and the occasional (very exciting!) greater spotted woodpecker :smiley:

I mostly like to see the buzzards overhead though, and love to see kestrels by the roadsides (hovering, not lying there!).

Otherwise, I read all sorts (currently reading Game of Thrones), I play violin (very amateur but something I do enjoy while I can). I also waste a surprising amount of time playing silly games on fb or my phone!

Hi Dunlin

Sorry to hear about the Dx how are you coping?

In answer to your question when I’m not freaking out over MS I too have a love of animals, got quite the pet collection so here goes…

My beautiful yet idiotic dog called Meg who is named after my mum(she made me name her after her I’m not being mean!!)

A bearded dragon that I didn’t actually want, but a friend of mine “got bored” of it and didn’t want him anymore. Why do people buy animals without thinking it through? Drives me mad!!

Six oriental fire bellied newts

A fire salamander and a marbled salamander

4 tarantulas (chile rose. brazilian black, mexican red knee and a mexican fire leg)

One male madagascar hissing cockroach, and last but not least a huge tank of tropical fish who are breeding like mad!!

I used to have a lot more tarantulas (about 30) when was with my ex but he took most of them. I do plan to get more…tarantulas that is not ex boyfriends!

So the above list keeps me busy but also love reading, and watching films etc. Due to recent relapse have watched far too much TV of late. and of course using this forum!

Take care BeckyX

Hi Dunlin

I love crafts and sewing or watching films, like to read too but attention span isn’t great and vision blurs when I’m tired. When I really feel grotty and need to escape I lie on my bed and listen to audio books through headphones. That is the best escape for me.

Min x

To get away from my MS I have

books, literature, reading, my kindle, my kindle app on my phone - I like to occasionally read

occasional visits to the gym (I take my Kindle with me - seriously) and dancing (I am the Master of my Legs).

And eating chocoalte - why else would I bother with the gym. Oh and eating chocolate while reading is an especial favourite.

I love the birds in the garden and at the moment I feed a male blackbird and his 3 youngsters. They come to feed under my bedroom window (i’m in a ground floor flat) and when they want some more food the father comes up to the lounge patio door to get my attention.

We live on the edge of the Broads so we have swans etc. go by the end of the garden.

Also I hate to admit it, but I have an African grey parrot ( I don’t like birds being caged ) , he was a ( sort of ) rescue bird. Its a long story.

I have had him nearly 26 years

Oh, and I make cards. Please can I have your web address?

Jaycie x