Parrot proves MS nerve damage can have advantages!

Hi all,

I should write a book, life really shouldn't be this interesting!

My other half Rich took me away this weekend to rest and digest since dx last week.  Richard's Aunt and Uncle have a place in Wales near where we were staying so we popped in to say hi. They have a pet parrot called Spike. Spike was sat on my shoulder and I was tickling him tummy. He proceeded to bite through my finger ripping my nail off! It bloomin hurt! Rich made me laugh "thank god for your MS, imagine how much this would hurt normal people". I must say I agree with him, he was halfway into my finger before I felt it.

Had a letter today from my MS nurse with an appointment for next week due to my recent dx. What made me laugh is she'd enclosed a questionnaire wanting to know what my symptoms were, when I was diagnosed and a load of other questions that really should be on my NHS file!!! Not filled me with the utmost confidence.

Sarah x

Flipping nora is the parrot still breathing- or did it taste good !!happy

    I had just presumed my Neuro and MS nurse read from the same page- may be not, will ask next time i see him/her.

hope your recent diagnosis hasnt knocked you to much


Hi BC,

Amazingly he is still alive, however Richard's auntie and uncle have now decided he's got to go!  Want a parrot? I supposed it's just a time saving thing, if I list everything on one page she won't have to read the file! x

Oh and suprisingly ok with my dx, was hoping there'd be some more relief coming out of limboland but still ok. Thanks for asking xxx