Anyone else Amused by the letters CC'd frm Appointements

Hi Everyone, I don’t post on here very often - tend to be more of a back seat visitor… but the postmans just delivered a letter thats really made me giggle this morning and just feel I have to share on here as no chance of anyone else getting it…!!

I finally got a referal to see an MS Nurse and have seen her twice over the last couple of Months. (she was really really lovely - so I’m in no way saying anything bad about her at all)

So the letters addressed to my GP and CC’d to My Neuro and me…

I’ll just give you a couple of snippets rather than bore you with the whole letter…

“Alison recently had an episode of complete fatigue after walking the dog. We have reviewed fatigue regonition & Managment & I have shown her he MS Trust publication online”

Now my GP who is a complete xxxx is going to read that exactly as its been written - I know the Neuro will know better - but hillarious that it reads as though - I’ve had one episode of Fatigue since I was Dx in 2003…

I feel like wrtting back and explaning that I got back from a 20 min walk with the dog yesterday (an 11 yr old dog that walks at a snails pace) and then slept for 2 1/2 hrs - despite having done NOTHING else.

“She has recently had a number of insect bites in her head which lead to tenderness of her lymph hlands now resolving. we have talked today about the impact of infection upon ms”

In Context…(as im not a complete fruitcake that mentioned a midgy bite re MS…:slight_smile: )

I’ve had a really sore neck with a swelling around the lymph nodes with is very tendor and my necks very stiff and very sore when tilted or sleeping. I mentioned that I’d also noticed that I had a few Bites/Spots on my head so it was perhaps one that had become infected even though I couldnt feel one anyone near the swelling. Ie maybe it was that and not the “Wear & Tear” stuff that’s shown up on MRI’s about my neck.

Anyway there are lots of other “Gems” in there but I’ll be here all day so I leave it at that.

It’s just funny how whats written in this long letter… isnt really the important stuff that I took away frm the appt. Guess it teaches me to be carefull what I say and perhaps it would be a good idea to write up exactly what has / is happening so things are a little clearer.

Thanks for reading…


LOL… yeah mine read EXACTLY like that… and are very bizarely ordered…

Hi Alison, I can relate :slight_smile: Had a nice long appointment with the M.S consultant, went really well we chatted about my scans, what happens next and a good 20 minutes about progression of my symptoms, the regular bouts of vertigo during the day, vacant moments and general difficulties I have been having…I left feeling really positive. When I received the letter to my GP she stated - “He has not had any recurrence of sensory symptoms and nothing else new to report” My Mrs said I looked like a goldfish when i read the letter :slight_smile: Allen x

Hi, my daughter is a PA to 3 paediatricians and i was commenting on the poor standard of grammar, punctuation, arrangements of words in consultants` letters.

She said secretaries are told to type exactly what the docs have written in notes…whether they be correct english or otherwise!

So that lets my lass and the likes off the hook, eh?

luv Pollx