Games crosswords

I was just wondering if any of you do any hobbies that try to keep the foggies away or at least try, my mum does word games crosswords and the like (she’s eighty and doesn’t have MS) myself I crochet and play maths games on my Nintendo ds, it helps keep up my timetables as I work in schools as a TA.


I do the crossword in the paper everyday. It’s only the Times concise one, not the cryptic for proper clever people!

And I watch University Challenge just so I can show off now and then by getting a history question right!


Hello Kay and Sue.

I am one of those annoying types who can rattle off the Times cryptic.

Cooking also helps me with sequencing and seeing things through.

The Guardian and Independent make their crosswords available online.

Rattle those grey cells

Steve x

Hi My mum does the daily mail one every day, asking me if I know the answer to a question plus she does the code breaker. I do brain training on my ds as well it does maths and spellings, and get this my mum plays on an old Nintendo game boy color playing dr Mario she does the 17, 18, 19 and 20 on fast,I can only do 15 on fast, she has done 21 if she does 21 and she loses it goes back to 20. Not bad for an eighty year old. I cook and bake as well I am a qualified Baker, my family like me making bread, lemon cheese cake plus lemon meringue pie and since my dad passed away I make her meals every day. Kay