Brain Fog

I am making stupid errors CONTINUALLY.

Just taken a load of laundry upstairs and sorted out everyone’s pile of ironing and taken it to their rooms for them to put away.

Everyone complaining that the laundry isn’t theirs!

I could have sworn I sorted it correctly???

I am going mad.

I think you are looking at the problem the wrong way and should stop being so hard on yourself. Perhaps gently suggest that each person does their own ironing and that will resolve the matter.

What you doing starting a new Brain Fog post? I believe the troops want to keep the old one going to send how long it can get!

This could be a mutiny!

I’m not getting in between you. I’ve got enough trouble oiling me spiked wheels for now ta!


Nope, sweetheart, can only cope with 1 Brain fog, add to that 1, it’ll get sorted, 1 way or another it’ll get sorted x

Sorry, I have only just joined the group today and am totally confused about the condition and what I am experiencing.

I am even more confused by talk of one brain fog, mutiny etc???

Ignore them kimmy d thier brain for is way worse than yours take it easy some time to yourself

Poll is only joking Kimmy, as we all are. Only because there is another brain fog thread, don’t worry, we are all with you, all in the same boat so to speak x

Brain Fog is horrible. And that is why we have a brain fog thread that’s been running on and on for months. Some of us suffer quite a lot with forgetfulness, slowness of thinking, just general dopiness. Feel free to come and join the other brain fog thread, it may take a little while to catch on to all the ongoing silliness, but if you just relax and try not to worry about losing yourself in the ‘fog’ it can be quite good fun.


My days! Be kind to yourself! Delegate the chores. You ALL live there. If you must do the ironing, at least leave it in piles for each member of the family to take charge of their own and put it away. You don’t need to use precious energy going up and down stairs, into bedrooms, sorting drawers and even having to tax your brain, by thinking of this organising! Family pow wow called for I suggest. :slight_smile:

I’m quite happy to have another Brain Fog thread. I long ago gave up on trying to work out what on earth is going on in the other one. Except if there really is a trip to the seaside in the offing, count me in.

And re the original question: tell them they all have to wear whatever you have delivered to them. Tell them it is for comic relief. Then laugh yourself silly. It’s the only way.


look out or the original brain fog thread (by albrecht durer).

it is a haven of lunacy where you can be proud of your brain fog.

hope to see you there

carole x