brain fog doh

Noticed today I keep saying things like Ill put the rubbish in the room instead of bin, after having dinner, Ive got fish stuck in my mouth instead of teeth and what time is it whilst searching for the temperature (both figures) on our weather station.  In fact today for some reason the cobwebs have grown thick over my filing cabinet of a brain.


I dont understand why sometimes Im fine, then other times I cannot (now searching for words) get words in the right order.  Isnt it frustrating.


How many msers have this problem and does yours come and go.  I was very fatigued yesterday and feel half asleep today.  Wonder if our brains have forgotten to wake up properly?  Does anyone also know if lesions cause this or load?




I get this, but its not just words its directions too.  Got lost the other day coming back from town, and today I couldn't find my way out of the soft play centre!  Feel like my head is full of cotton wool! 

I too get lost.  I dont recognise roads whereas years ago I knew them all.  Its all very strange, conversation used to flow and my brain seemed to work extra fast, now its on go slow nearly all the time.


At least one day we all might meet in the right place (:o)




Yep, do I ever?!!  Infact it's one of my worst symptoms lately.  I've had brain fog for years and knew there were something wrong with me, it wasn't until I lost the use of my left arm that I got diagnosed.

Anyway, today was a classic example.  I was in a scrum meeting at work (we have to have a 5-minute stand-up meeting to say what we achieved yesterday and what we're doing today, I usually sway from side to side because I can't stand still).  I was trying to say that the 'report is 98% accurate' but I couldn't remember the word 'accurate', and couldn't think of a replacement word either, so there I was stumbling for words in front of my boss and team members.  Finally someone chipped-in for me.

I have the same problem when telling the kids something, I'm sure I'll be responsible for telling them some useless info one day!!  lol