Memory issues

Hello all,

I was wondering if and how people experiencing MS (and those experiencing MS symptoms) have trouble with memory or/and reasoning?


My memory was the first sign. I went through Occupational Therapy. It helped me big time. I’ve learned a lot of short cuts and and tricks. Try OT and see what happens. Good luck.

Hi NL007 Most certainly, why is the fridge always left open? Where did I park my car? What was I looking for? Typical for me especially with the brain fog. It’s frustrating, short term can be tricky but long term is fine. My mind just goes blank sometimes (most days), a bit like Dora from finding Nemo :@)

Thank you Rockie! I am not too sure if this could be a symptom or is it just general tiredness !

Thanks for your reply! It’s a bit overwhelming as I am not sure if it’s a symptom (I am not diagnosed) or just me thinking too much about it!