i think my brain wasnt in gear this morning

Getting up early this morning for a change i thought i would get ahead and do a few jobs,i wish i,de never bothered.

I thought the dishwasher needed some salt and rinse aid so the salt part went ok but the rinse aid i picked up washing up liquid by mistake and poured it in the compartment without realising what it was.

Oh no i have to get it out but its s sealed unit that dos,nt open apart from the bit you pour the liquid in, 2 hrs it took to pour hot water in time,and time again mopping up the water so it did,nt go into the dish washer, i was shattered by the time it was clear of soap.

I was on tenderhooks putting the dishwasher on in case i had,nt got all the washing up liquid out and the kitchen was going to be full of soap bubbles,thankfully it all went well and it seems like i got it all out oh god i feel so daft doing something so stupid.

Then making breakfast i burned my toast, then made a pot of tea and forgot to put the teabag in the pot,i think i should have stayed in bed today.

i know we get brain fog but blooming heck this took the biscuit,i,m glad i was at home and not in a work place today, i can only hope the rest of my day is better than this.


I think some days we should just stay in bed. Stay away from anything breakable. Don’t speak to anyone easily upset or offended and (preferably) have someone sweet and kind bring cups of tea and chocolate biscuits. Chance of that happening is of course nil but I can still hope. Sorry you had such a bad morning!


Would be nice if we could have a certificate from our neurologist that stated we were entitled to stay in bed, all day, for our own good, on days like that, wouldn’t it.

I could get behind the nice person keeping us supplied with tea, too! Really want the choccy biccies as well, but I think I’d be regretting those the next day :frowning:

Hope your fog has cleared now, Barbara :slight_smile:

Jackie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

thanks after a couple of hrs sleep the rest of the day went smoothly,just the thought of staying in bed for the day seemed good after this morning,oh well i,ll remember to take things slower in the mornings and not try to rush things thanks Barbara

i totally agree sue i should have stayed in be this morning and having someone bring me breakfast in bed would be luxury indeed.but like you the chance is nill, ihope that tomorrow is a better day than this has been.


I absolutely find that my brain doesn’t wake up until several hours after I do. Actually how it tends to work for me is, by the time brain’s got itself together, fatigue’s got its game face on. So most days I get pretty much nothing done!

Hi Barbara, had a similar day myself a couple of months ago!! Wished my best friend Happy Birthday, on the wrong day, managed to wash the car keys & tried to polish the table with hair spray not a good day!!! I was only trying to help, aaah well, did try!!! Hope your having a better day today Tracey x

Hi. Actually I get this quite a bit now and I was only reflecting yesterday that in a crazy way I’m glad to have had an MS dx as otherwise I’d be getting worried - thinking that I’m getting dementia or having a stroke or something. I have small but irritating lapses of short term memory ; not being able to finish sentences, find the right word - that sort of thing, but then it comes back to me after a moment or two. I used to call them ‘senior moments’ (being 62) but now I think of them as ‘cog fog’!

It’s unfortunate that I still might end up with those things but I prefer to be optimistic!

Louise x

I think we all have days like this one time or another i can laugh about it now my daughter called last night and she went to a big shopping centre had her har cut and found she had left her purse at home, lucky she,s a regular costomer of theres and said she could come back and pay later she said she felt such a fool bet her face was red when she opened her bag,poor thing .



I’m glad I am not alone with the brain fog. I find this is one of the most frustrating things and not much u can do to control it.