day 2

having a morning of panic attacks-i had no idea that i had been bottling so much up!!..has now dawned on me just how many things i had been using as a distraction not to think about me.struggling to get the few bits of work done that i need to - but only because on the other side of the work there is nothing to do-and ill have more time to think and reflect-think ill do some baking this afternoon-would be nice to have a tea table full of yummy things.and its something i dont usually do because im to ‘busy being the old me’ -actually my lot had a huge shock this morning as i had caught up with the washing and we wernt playing hunt the socks, ive really had my priorities so wrong-trying to be two people has made more problems than its solved.

so far (apart from the panic attacks) i like me-

hope your all having your best day yet

BC xx

Take it steady, BC. Enjoy those cakes.