Hobbies anyone?

I have been really down lately with pain and depression of my life, and my counsellor suggested i try a hobby. I dont go out much so I thought what could I do.

I have a small sheltered flat and we have visitors wildlife, so someone suggested I purchase a wildlife trail camera which I did, and this is my latest video of a hedgehog eating food i have left out for it. I get excited every morning when i get up wondering what i have captured next. I have had foxes, and loads of hogs, and yes cats, and squirrels during the day.

I am now teaching myself how to edit the videos and its become a lot more fun as i can join videos together and add music. whilst i do all this my mind is not on my pain or my depression and for several hours a day i am just enjoying something NORMAL for a change.

Has anyone else found a hobby that helps them get through the days of MS?

This is my latest but i have quite a few on my channel.


Aw lovely video, nice to see the wildlife and gosh I bet he will be there every night now for his tea! X

I’ve got bird feeder outside my window which holds 4 fat balls! I have seen many Blue tits! Sparrows, 1 Robin & 1 Lesser Spotted woodpecker…so far. But I do like your friend the Hungry Hedgehog!

Brilliant stuff & will help lift your mind.

What wonderful footage of such a lovely hedgehog! Well done!

That’s lovely!! We all need distractions from our problems and I’m hooked on researching my family trees. I’ve managed to get back to 1511 on one side and have found some distant cousins I now keep in touch with. On another I’ve found a relative who was deported to Australia in 1871 for stealing £5.!! A huge branch of her tree is settled there and we also keep in touch.

Frances x

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Lovely video. What are you feeding the hogs?

I know they must not have milk. We used to give them sultanas in a little water. I have since been told not to do this as the sultanas contain too much sugar. I remember there used to be a special hedge hog food called Spike.

My hobby is crochet. When my hands feel up to it.


Hi my mum used to crochet my memories of her always sat watching the T.V. with crochet in her hand. she made so much stuff even a bedspread. i never had the patience.

I feed my hogs on hedgehog food from amazon. its got everything they need and is full of good stuff and very crumbly they love it. i have another great video i havent put it up yet. He is eating COOKED CHICKEN, jeez i put it out for fox, lol no chance the hog is now wide beamed lol.

he must hibernate soon. the food i buy is Beaphar Hedgehog Food, 1 kg

it lasts a good time.

I like to write too i have a blog but my brain is not good at the moment and i cant think of anything to really write which isnt going to be all doom and gloom lol.


Hello CC. In my current state, I find your post very comforting. I’m afraid the attritional effect of chemotherapy is winning and I’ve just arranged for a programme of care to see me through. My blogs have dried up a bit and my crosswords lie incomplete. I’m sliding rapidly downhill, the skis are off and I’m on my bottom. I’m not admitting defeat, just planning a way through. Now I’ve just found that I must miss Rose’s Christmas performance due to a CT scan.

Best wishes.

I am sorry steve, it must be hard as you are battling a lot of stuff. I felt down yesterday and eagerly waited to see what i had on camera and there was the hog hooverinig up all it could.

the other one is from the night before i didnt get chance to upload it, i am going to re do it as i hate the noise i put on the music that was a mistake lol. but boy this hog could eat, he went through two sets of video and never stopped for breath and was also eating chicken lol. never did i think they would eat meat like that but they do.

I hope it will cheer you up as you have always cheered me up with your brilliant and funny blog posts.

My friend is on chemotherapy she takes so many supplements and eats vegan now, (doesnt eat a vegan lol), and is getting through her treatment much better, i hasten to add she doesnt have MS.

take care, i am sending you loads of positive vibes, your kids need their dad, will are here for you hun. best wishes. xxxxx

Gee Wizz! …Happy Hog-many! Internal Conbustion! at your, dare I say it…soup kitchen!

All the best

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