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I used to knit a lot,. not able to now can only use one hand thinking about Tunisian (or Afghan) crochet, which looks like knitting, has anyone tried it? or does anyone do it?

Alison x

I have just written a message and lost it! Feeling too unwell to write again. PM me if you would like help.

Anne x

Hiya, embarrassingly I’ve never heard of Tunisian crochet but I’ve checked it online and it looks fascinating. I’ve always been rubbish at knitting and crochet is my thing, shall certainly do some Tunisian crochet now you’ve introduced me to it - both seem to use similar actions, one hand to manoeuvre the hook with wool/cotton just wrapped around fingers of other hand. Give it a go, bet you’ll be brilliant at it!

Tippy x

Hi Tippy just came accross it myself don’t be embarassed! just checking before buying long hooks.

Thank you Anne, have to get started first! lol

Hi, not too well I’m afraid, both arms bad at the moment!..very frustrating.


I work in a nursing home, and they love to do all sorts of bits, but i am struggling to find any large (10cm +) darning needles…If anyone knows where to get these I would love to know!