Surprising Help for my Hand Problems

I don’t know if anyone will be interested in this but I wanted to share something with you. For a long time I have been dealing with problems with my hands. Tremors, loss of strength, so many things that I just knew I wanted to do something that would hopefully help me and bring a bit of myself back. Little things like this add up to making you feel like you lose a bit of yourself each time something goes wrong. Anyway, the issue with my hands. I decided to go to a drawing workshop to create Mandalas. I had no real expectations but hoped that it would help me. I have been to 5 workshops in North Wales so far, held by a lovely woman, Chloe Dymond. It was such a relaxed atmosphere, I loved every minute. It is helping me to control the tremors in my hand, and helping with my focus and vision (a nice surprise) and whilst sometimes it’s difficult, I have a sense of achievement when I finish a piece and feel like a have a little bit of myself back by being able to do something. They take me time to do, but it is worth it. I love this way of creating pieces and as a result i feel like i have control of something at a time when i am losing control of so much! Such a friendly teacher. If you have issues with your hands and want to get a bit of yourself back it’s definitely worth giving it a go! @chloedymonddesigns


What an uplifting post. So glad you have found something wonderfully positive and such nice people. Many thanks for sharing this.

Wow, they are beautiful! What an amazing talent you have, and how lovely to see such an uplifting post. Love this!

Woww they are beautiful, what a talented person you are.

Thanks for sharing an inspirational post.

Pam x

Wow they are fantastic. Well done and thanks for sharing.
I crochet to keep my hands active, I’m self taught and not brilliant at it but it keeps me happy.
Sam x