I hope she’s not going to hate me too much for saying this, but Mrs. H is a classy lady. I know all her profits go to the go to the MS Society, but she crocheted me a beautiful baby’s blanket.

Thank you Mrs. H; the pending mother who received it was absolutely was besotted with it; give it a month or Two and I’ll order some blue crochet clothes.

Thanks again




How lovely.

I crochet too. I get a lot of pleasure from it. It also keeps the fingers supple. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks George !! I’m glad she likes it. I don’t mind people talking about Mary’s Snowflake Creations at all !! It gets the word out and gets people looking at my page.

Basically, I knit / crochet and only charge for the yarn and p&p. I work for free and instead of paying me, I ask people to make a donation to The MS Society. Go have a look at my MS awareness twizzle hats !!

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Wonderful Mrs H!

The most worthwhile pages on Facebook I’ve ever seen.

Thank you,



Thanks Anthony !! That’s really lovely !!

So lovely to see the subject of crochet here. I wish I could post pictures. I crochet too (and knit). I love to make baby blankets and throws x

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Setting up my fundraising page is what gave me a purpose and feeling less useless, after I was medically retired from a career in law, that I absolutely thrived on. I definitely fell into the ‘live to work’ camp. I also find that keeping my arms and hands moving, helps to minimise painful spasms. And the feeling of being productive and useful again, is totally priceless to me.


Mrs H,

Just wondering how you are and if you are still keeping busy with your crochet?

Best wishes


I crochet too, I taught myself. At the moment with not working I crochet most evenings mostly baby cardigans and blankets. I do them for the charity shops where we live, my mother knits baby cardigans for the neonatal unit in Nottingham. It keeps me busy and I enjoy it, but one thing I can’t do very many different patterns because I lose my place and have to start again. The funny thing is I find the easy ones hard to do don’t know why. LOL kay

Some lovely knitting there,.I had to give in and ask sis to knit a cardi for me, I would have done it myself not long ago, but she is very good and sending photos as it progresses (French pattern), had to buy the yarn on line as it is disscontinued here, quite an epic undertaking!

Hello Key,

You are not alone - I find patterns hard to concentrate on too. I am quite happy to crochet baby blankets and at the moment I am crocheting a larger blanket/throw for my friend’s Mum. It is just a really large Granny square and she supplied the yarn but it keeps me out of mischief. I haven’t yet mastered increase and decrease in crochet.

Best wishes


Hi Maude,

I hope you will soon have your new cardigan.

I started a jumper for dh last year. I had done the pattern before but managed to get confused with the pattern . I am trying to psych myself up to have another go and get it finished for our anniversary in April.

Best wishes

Grandma x

Hi Grandma, I think this one may have given me some probs! 9 colours plus the base colour and it’s not fairisle, decreasing and casting off lost in translation! lol


I can’t begin to imagine how to cope with that many colours lol

Good job sis is doing it then! back looks good, have to wait and see the fronts and sleeves…she does love knitting! as did I, used to do a lot of Patricia Roberts patterns and Phildar, which is what this is, hence pattern being French!


If you want to learn how to increase or decrease go to the internet that’s how I did it. My mum used to do swiss embroidery on jumpers postman pat and Thomas the tank.

I made 4 big granny squares big enough to cover a single bed each, using all left over wool. My mum uses one to wrap up in when she reads in bed.

At the moment I am crocheting a cross over stitch baby blanket I have already made a yellow one, this one is white, then I will make cardigans to match kay