Hi everyone !!

Hello lovelies…I’ve been MIA for quite a while, dealing with all that MS has to offer and trying to plough myself into giving something positive back !! So, after finally getting my medical retirement through, I decided to through myself into fundraising for the MSS !!
The only other thing, other than my career, that I am good at is knitting. So I decided to set up a web page, designing bespoke baby and children’s items but instead of charging for my work, I ask people to donate to the MSS.
It’s going really well, keeping me busy, keeping my spasming hands supple and most importantly…raising money !! Yay !!
Please go and have a look and like (if you do !!) … maryssnowflakecreations
I called it Mary’s Snowflake Creations because the M & S represent MS, Mary because MrH calls me Mary Poppins and MP is engraved in my wedding ring and the snowflake because is known as the snowflake disease…no two are the same !!

In other news, I am no longer in Rebif due to several (12) relapses in the year and am now on Tysabri, I am now wheelchair bound and now take baclofen, amytriptilene and gabapentin, so as you can guess, things have not been so great !!

But on the up and quite stable (touch wood) at the moment !!

Hope you are all as well as can be and big hugs to you all.

Catherine xx

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hi catherine

well done you for abandoning the pity party and throwing yourself into fund raising instead.

you’ve obviously been having a rough old time but by being busy you don’t have time to ponder upon the unfairness of it all.

you can be my new role model when i get round to getting off my big bum!

carole x

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Thanks, Carole …took me a while to leave that party, especially after the retirement !!

i forgot to mention, the revelation of Botox which I know have injected into my lower leg. Just astonishing results. My ankle was inverting so badly that it was in danger of breaking with the force of the spasms. The Botox has all but stopped the spasms !!

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Hi Catherine

what a lovely thing to do, I just took a look at your facebook page and I’m only sorry I have no babies in the family. I loved your items though great work I’ll definitely recommend it to friends that do.

sue x

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Hi Catherine well done you. No wonder you have been MIA 12 relapses and your so cheerful. Well done I will look at your FB page when on laptop, in bed on Kindle at no, also watching Match of the Day.


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Nice to see you back, but I am very sorry that you have been in the wars. I hope that Tysabri keeps things calm for you - I’ve been on it for a few years now with no relapses, after having had a pretty torrid time in the couple of years before that. It makes a really nice change for things to be calm and stable, doesn’t it?

Good luck with the fund-raising project.


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hiya stranger!

ellie x

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Welcome back hun - its so nice to see an old face back. (now that you are retired am I allowed to say ‘old face’ hehe)

JBK xx

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Aw, thanks everyone…nice to be back…I tend to withdraw when I’m not too good…and obviously, I’ve been really busy too !!

And yes, JBK, it officially makes me a pensioner !! Whoever would’ve thought it at 42 !! On the plus side, work was brilliant and I’m sure the lack of stress has helped me battle back from relapse after relapse.

Catherine xx

So pleased to hear from you, wondered about you and hoped you were doing ok. Sounds like you have had a really tough time. Glad you have found something to help you, I got a knitting machine which is great especially if hands playing up, could be a new toy xxx

I am glad you are happy Catherine xx

Very humbling Catherine, to think of others when you are having a rough time yourself, a big hig and a big well done