NOT MS. Hedgehog watch

I live in sheltered had to move when i lost my husband, we loved wild life and birds, and spent hours watching our bird table when we were both sick.

we did have hogs occasionally and saved one which was under weight one winter.

I have been really depressed lately missing my husband, my home and my friends, and felt desolate and alone and suddenly in the last 2 weeks i have been inundated with wild birds, and a visiting hedgehog who has taken it upon himself to visit me every morning around 7am so i have bought him proper food. Yesterday i was also entertained by a woodpecker never seen one in my life and also last week a family of long tailed tits came to visit me they were here all day. I wonder if its my husband sending them to me, i know perhaps a little far fetched but not had anything like this before.

Its made it more exciting to get up now and i am ready with my camera and so far not been disappointed.

this is Spikes visit today, sadly he seems to have picked up a few ticks since yesterday so will keep an eye out if it gets too many i will have to find a way to catch him and get him treated.

I hope you dont mind me sharing. Watching all this wild life is better then any pain killer drug.

I’m sorry you have been feeling very depressed, missing your husband and the life you had. But whatever the reason for the sudden visits of hedgehog and birds, it’s lovely that you are enjoying their presence and has helped lift your mood a little.

Hi Crazy Chick,

I’m with you, nature really brightens up my life. Just put more fat balls and nuts out for my birds.

With the weather getting colder then need to fatten up.

Your hedgehog looks lovely and healthy, he’ll be looking for somewhere cosy to hibernate soon. Keep feeding him, they like meat cat and dog food too.


I fill the bird feeder daily and within a couple of hours it’s empty - think it may be pigeons.

The odd thing is the feeder gets emptier quicker in summer than it does in winter.


Hi Jen i was thinking of getting him a house lol… now am i being really sad lol. x

Hi Crazy chick, do you have a local wild life centre near you as they would be able to recommend a tick/flea treatment for Spike.

I’ve had a look on line and found this for you hope it helps

Enjoy your wildlife it’s such a pleasure and privilege to see it isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing. I am pleased to hear that the birds and wildlife are giving you such joy. I got very animated when we finally got some Goldfinches to visit, they and the other birds in the garden are so much more entertaining and pretty than the stuff on telly / radio / internet.