Trouble reading

Does anyone know any good eye exercises for those who struggle with concentrating eyes even with glasses on due to fatigue and blurred vision which will randomly occur especially when reading.
I’ve gone to listening to audio books and trying to just follow along even if I can’t see the writing very well but it is quite rubbish.

Does anyone also know any good exercises for dexterity in wrists, I like to write (typing) poetry, short stories

Is there any easy to purchase equipment such as mini stress balls or anything to do at home exercises to try and prevent these issues as much.

If there’s anything anyone here Would be able to recommend so I can encourage it into everyday life as mini exercises to do for these particular symptoms so I can possibly read and write more often during the day.

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Stress balls and similar items can be found on Amazon.

If you figure out how to fix the reading problem, please let me know! I have stacks of new books just sitting here waiting for me, and I read one page over and over and then set it down because I’m not absorbing any of it.

For concentration and brain fog in general, I play computer games that either involve the actual game of Concentration, solitaire (because numbers are my weakness, and sometimes I have to really focus in order to count from 1 to 10), or hidden pictures. They’re always kids’ games, so they’re not too hard but at the same time provide a bit of a challenge for me along with the entertainment value.


Yeah that’s good advice thank you, from what I’ve tried looking into there is no fixing it.
Seems like audio books seem to be the solution, like to buy books and follow along.
Usually listen to chilled out music such as Leonard Cohen or something aswell as yoga or doing something creative to concentrate but tbh it’s difficult to keep at it and remember isn’t it.

Suppose we’ve got to get through it a day at a time and keep pushing forward.
Might force my dad to play chess with me, thank you was helpful. :slight_smile: