Good Afternoon :)

Hey, i was hoping someone could suggest any medicines that deal with concentration symptoms? its been bugging me for weeks and i have had enough haha



Hi Lee,

I too struggle with cognitive issues such as lack of concentration. Everyday in fact. Here are just a few things that I found helped a bit. Hopefully you will find something in this that will help you too hun.

  1. Biggest thing I found was to rest in between every now and then (what ever suits a persons own needs ). As my Neuro told me recently, its amazing how much of our energy is used up from ‘thinking’ and I should think of any cognitive tasks as if I were doing a physical task; as it actually takes the same amount of energy. Or somethin like this I think :slight_smile:

  2. I started to take an omega 3 fish oil complex tablet daily and do find that this helps me somewhat too. I am not sure how but might have something to do with it.

  3. Flaxseed oil / grains also help with the concentration I have found. However, plz be careful if you are Diabetic, as I found that these will raise blood sugars steeply. However, this might just be effects it had on me, hence I no longer take flaxseed. Might work for you thou?

  4. Try and see what your best part of the day is for you. the better one feels then the better and easiest it is to concentrate i find. for ex. I do most ‘thinking’ tasks in the morning time as I am just better then lol!

  5. An obvious one is diet too. As in make sure that you are eating enough throughout the day. I swear by ‘slow burning charbhydrates’ or ‘low GI’ foods as they are known.

I cant think of any more at present but I hope something in this is of some help to you.

Hey if you find anything yourself please let me know, as I am always on the lookout for new things too?

Good luck n God Bless

Anna x

Hey Anna

thank you very much for your reply, it means alot. i need to try and get something sorted quick because im about to take my driving test and i feel like im in space at the moment haha.

i too have the problems almost everyday, its a real pain. i was diagnosed when i was 16 (nearly 25 now) so im a bit of a veteran at this MS game :slight_smile:

ive been really fortunate that i aint been affected too badly, the problems have only started 6 months ago, all stress related of course haha