Heat, Lack of Sleep. Food and Stress...

Just four conditions that ‘hamper’ my MS. There are probably ‘lots’ more but I do have to keep these ‘conditions’ in mind but even that is ‘hampered’ by a drain on memory! Its only when these conditions ‘happen’ and I end up ‘struggling’ to do anything.

Marcus. :?

Morning Marcus,

I have been hampered like you with all 4 and decided a few weeks ago to try vitamins & supplements. Am currently weaning off conventional meds (not life saving ones) under the supervision of my gp via blood tests.

I would go along to your gp to see if you lack in anything. In my case my vit.d3 levels are low. Hes now looking at magnesium & zinc.

Suffering withdrawals at the mo however on the flip side, feeling totally different (10 hours sleep last night with a normal dream instead of nightmare) with the addition of slowly including supplements.

Worth a shot.

Best wishes

Dear Bren,

Thanks very much for your advice. I’ll mention it to my GP.


Hi Marcus
Heat and stress are the main ones for me.
I currently can’t wee and have not for a good few weeks. I have a massive amount of stress over my house at the moment so I am putting it down to that.
Heat, well that just sends everything into overdrive. I have a fan in my room. It’s huge, that I go and sit near to cool down and fall asleep at night. But sunny holidays are defo a no no (cruises are good though) and even sitting in my fav spot in the house can get to much.
Never had issues with food though. However I I have diabetes now as well and I am hoping the diet they have me on might make a difference.

Hi Marcus

I have to agree with you there, the stress one comes at the top of my list and it’s the one I don’t seem to be able to do much about. I do try and stay chilled. Use my MP3 player with my favourite music on, that helps and listening to radio 4.

I am lucky these days as I’m able to go to bed fairly early, use a fan when it’s hot and I am on a permanent diet of low fat food with lots of fish, fruit and veg. I do find stress is the thing that upsets everything,

Take care


Hi Marcus

also agree with u there- mainly stress, heat and lack of sleep. I try to use yoga techniques to relax me before i go to sleep or as Corkie listen to relaxing music


Hi Marcus. Having too much to drink, like I did last night. I should have known better. I hardly ever go out or drink, Cheryl:)

Thanks for your reply, Cheryl - I used to drink until I found that even a small amount of alcohol would ‘aggravate my movements’. I don’t drink now (and quite honestly I don’t miss it).

Marcus. x.

Thanks for your reply, ‘Strudders’. Heat and stress do mess me up - even a hotter shower can interfere with my walking. Even a ‘little’ amout of stress (from my eight year old daughter) can have me grabbing on to the nearest ‘seat’. The one about food is more ‘hunger’ - I seem to ‘loose my abilities’ if I do not stick to having something in my stomach. I’ve just had tests for a catheter. I try to stay away from hot sunshine (or even ‘mild’ sunshine in the garden) - However I do seem to ‘deal’ with the sunshine in Lanzarote (possibly because of the strong warm breeze and as long as I don’t spend too long in the sunshine (max. half an hour at a time and then ‘cooling off’ in the pool) gives me a ‘slight’ tan.
Good luck with your ‘coping strategies’,

Thanks for your reply, Wendy. I ‘seem’ to remember that Stress can be a real ‘upset’ - I think that I learned that when I did yoga. My wife, as commited and supportive as she is, is from Northern Ireland & Catholic. I’m not!
This is what she grew up with -