Video urodynamics

On Thursday I am due to have video urodynamics.

This has come about as after a TVT op for stress incontence that left me with complete urinary retension, apart from out of the blue sudden urges to immediatley urinate. I have been taking urge incontency tablets to help with this, I have had to stop them a week before the test. So I am on day 3 without these tablets and I am having real problems.

In the mornings I am constantly having accidents, by the afternoon I am back having to self catherterize! I’m not sure what to do between now and Thursday.

Also my appointment is at 9am so it gonna be really embarrasing, and there not there gonna get the full picture, so to speak.

I am having to travel 80 miles for this appointment (so we have booked a hotel)and I am really stressing over it and to add to this my period was due 4 days ago and is late so I can see me having my period on the day of the test! what do I do?

Can anyone advise me and let me know what to expect?

Thank you


Hi I had urodynamic tests done but I’m not sure that they were video urodynamics? It involved me first emptying my bladder into a portable toilet for a uro flow test. Then I had an ultrasound scan to see if my bladder was empty-which it wasn’t! Then the nurse inserted a catheter and some muscle probes into my bottom (not as bad as it sounds) and my bladder was filled with liquid. During this time I had to stand over some paper on the floor to test to see if I was leaking any fluid. During the filling of my bladder the muscle probes were showing any contractions etc and I had to stay as long as I could until my bladder felt full. After this I had to empty my bladder on to uro flow again to test the flow with a full bladder. I know sometimes a camera can be inserted into your bladder to actually see what is happening in there. I didn’t have the camera but if that isn’t where the video part comes in I’m not sure what else it could be. I had the camera done as a seperate procedure. Neither are anything to worry about. Good luck hope all goes ok but don’t worry. Anymore questions please feel free to pm me Donna x

Sorry forgot the part about your period being due. Could you see your gp for pills that delay your period? Might be the best, it would make things more comfortable for you x

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your reply, I had the standard Urodynamics done, before I had the op for stress incontence, I said I would never put myself through it again. But here we are, the thing is that most of the time I can’t empty my bladder at all! which my knowledge of the test and what I have found out about the Video version, I don’t see how I can void for them with out using a catherter, unless urge incontence kicks in! which I guess there is a high chance of doing as it is early in the morning, but then my bladder dosen’t function on demand as such. I am asked to go with a comfertably full bladder, but it may not be by the time I arrive!


They haven’t thought it through really have they. I had to have another uro flow test after the urodynamics and they said to me come with a comfortably full bladder and I’m the same my bladder retains. You need to do what’s comfortable for you. If needs be fill your bladder there, you don’t want to be uncomfortable travelling there or while waiting to go in. Hope everything goes ok anyway, good luck Donna x

Hi Twist, Why do they need to do this test if you are having to self- catheterise anyway? Will that not be what you have to do ultimately anyway. Is there any way that they can solve your problem? Once you have a neurogenic bladder is there anything that can be done to improve it? Teresa xx

Hi again, I read this back and it sounds very negative which I did not intend but apart from meds to help with an overactive bladder and to prevent leaking - is there anything to be done? Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

I actually couldn’t agree more with you. I pointed this out to them at the appointment with the proffessor. But he felt they may be able to offer some help with the urge incontence. But in honesty his initally letter in reaction to the referal by my uro-gyne consultant was that he wouldn’t be able to help. ( I get the feeling they are trying to look concerned as the problem with retention started immediatley after I had a TVT op)

Another doctor has offered spinal nerve stimulation which they test to see if it would be effective before implanting it. But this Proffessor has said it would be a contra-indicaction, when I asked why, he said ask your neurologist!

I have know spoken to my specailist pain consultant and he said he can not understand his comment and when I see him to ask him again and to explain.

So really I don’t understand why I’m gonna do this. I would like to try the Spinal nerve stimulation as this may make my bladder work as it is supposed to and also may relieve some pain in my legs.

Sorry I’m rambling on a bit. I’m getting myself really wound up.


No Twist you’re not rambling at all. All the bladder problems are so horrible and it would be nice if they could make it easier for you by explaining it properly to you. Spinal stimulation sounds like it could work I guess but if it is contra-indicated in MS he needs to explain it to you because perhaps it oughtn’t be done? This sounds very confusing, I hope someone who has had this done will be able to explain it to you! Try not to worry too much, just make sure they explain this fully. Teresa xx