Urodynamic test - the next step?!

Good evening all; can anyone help?

So this morning I had a urodynamic test, not a pleasant experience! I’ve been battling with both bladder frequency and urgency for the past couple years, I’ve tried oxybutynin and now using toviaz, the frequency has reduced a little most of the time but the urgency is still very much there and has been leading to little accidents, hence me now having a urodynamic test. There we some mention of Botox injections or another tablet.

During my test this morning the nurse pointed out that my bladder is not completely emptying itself , I think there was still about 110ml left after having a wee, is this a lot to still remain?

Also now that the test is done, what happens next, can Botox work for me? I’m really anxious that I might have to self catheterise at only 30 and after experiencing it this morning am even more against the thought!

Has anyone any advise, am I reading too much into it?

Many thanks , Liana


Sadly I don’t know the answer to most of your questions, but I just want to say that I understand completely about not wanting to self catheterise. I resisted as long as possible, but eventually had no choice (I think I was 27 when I started). And, surprise surprise, I wish I’d started sooner - it made such a big difference to my life. It took a bit of getting used to of course (though I think it’s easier to do for us fellas), but I soon got the hang of it. I thought it would be painful, but I can barely feel it. And the freedom it gives me, knowing I’ll not need the loo for hours, is ace.

I hope you find a solution that works for you though.



I don’t know about urodynamic test, but I too have an overactive bladder and now take SOLIFENACIN which has reduced frequency issues but I still have urgency problems.

When I first saw the continence nurse I was retaining about 250 mls, a month later it was down to 120 mls an hour after I’d urinated and she tells me we make about 60 mls an hour so she said it was near normal, but that it was possible I would have to learn to self catheterise which I’m assured by many on this site is not so bad once you get used to it.

Is your 110mls immediately after having a wee?

Fortunately for me my kidney function is normal and I’ve never had a water infection. Unfortunately this week that amount has risen to 296 mls, again an hour after a wee, so I’ve got a stay of execution for a month on the S-C, if it remains this high I’ll have to learn, something I don’t relish. Having said that its got to be better than wet knickers/soggy pads.

Sorry I can’t answer your concerns completely, but I know how you’re feeling.

Good luck

hi liana

self catheterising isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it.

it isn’t something anyone wants to do but it’s better than wetting yourself at the checkout!!

once you learn how to do it, you don’t have to do it every time you need a wee.

in fact you learn to tell how much you are retaining.

good luck

carole x

Hi Liana

SC is something that no-one looks forward to but if you have to go down that route don’t be afraid. I started four months ago once last thing at night because I suffer with getting up four/five times a night. As with anything with MS it takes a little while to even out but be guided by your continence nurse. They have seen everything all before so please make sure that you tell them everything that is happening to you. I now have to SC twice, last thing at night, first thing in the morning and have just changed meds to deal with urgency. Urodynamics has been done now so hopefully you won’t have to do that again. This site is a great source of information and support so always feel free to vent what you’re going through. Good luck and say goodbye to being wet, having accidents and soggy pads! Linda x

I was told by my continence nurse that they consider retention of anything over 100 ml puts you at increased risk of urinary tract infections. That’s 100 ml when you have emptied your bladder as fully as you can. I don’t think there are any drugs that can help you with this (I could be wrong). I think I was told that the drugs that stop your bladder from being oversensitive, causing frequency and urgency, can make retention worse. Self-catheterisation empties your bladder and gets rid of urine you are retaining, but some people find it difficult or distasteful. Drinking more water also makes it less likely you will get urinary tract infections.

Don’t worry about starting to use a catheder, I have been using one for 4 years now since I was 18, after the 3rd r 4th time of doing it I got the hang of it, now it is normal to me like brushing my teeth, somthing I do everyday and I have no problem doing it, it dosent hurt atall it is just discomforting the first few times so dont worry about it