Urodynamics test tomorrow!

My Uro-gyne has ordered full urdynamics testing and it’s tomorrow. I’m shaking just thinking about it. I’m not sure I’ll even make it out the car and into the hospital. I am terrified about the whole thing, I can normal get myself into a place where I can do something Idon’t really want to, a bit like its not me its happing to. It means I go very quiet but it gets me through.

At the moment I can’t find that place.

I’m scared I freeze and won’t go through the door and waste everyones time.


Hi Twist I had full urodynamics testing about 5 years ago and like you I was absolutely dreading it. There was only one nurse present and she was very kind but highly professional. She made the whole process bearable and not at all demeaning which is what I feared. You will get through it and it will go more quickly than you think! You will be glad it’s over but glad to have it done in order to gain some answers to your problems. Good luck and try not to worry. Let me know how you get on. Teresa xx

Had the same done as a man in July. Must admit to having been nervous, but I found the two nurses very funny whilst also respectful which sort of put me at ease. The tests certainly helped to clarify what was going on in my case

Thanks everyone for your reassurance.

I will let you know how it goes.