Urodynamics study

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been off radar for a bit, just buried under the nightmare that is the DLA form…nearly there now so will be back soon.

I’m having a urodynamics study soon and just wanted to know if any of you have had this done and is it as hideous as it sounds?

Thank you in advance.



I had one done a couple of weeks ago and it was ok. The nurses were very nice and explained each step to me. I was rather uncomfortable at the end but my bladder retains a LARGE VOLUME OF FLUID SO i HAD TO CATHETERISE SOME before I left to go home. You will be fine I’m sure.


Hi there,

It was a couple of years ago when stress incontinence was suspected (before my dx). I felt a little embarrassed at first but the nurses soon reassurred me.

I drank over a litre of water before arrival & went in with a very full bladder. The nurses quickly led me to a ‘measuring’ toilet to empty my bladder.

The nurses then catheterised the retained urine before filling my bladder with a specific amount. They attached wires to me & computer readings to check the amount of fluid that leaked when I stood up & did some ‘jogging on the spot’ exercise.

At all times, the 2 nurses were discreet, informative and reassuring.

It isn’t a nice procedure but neither is it dreadful.

Good luck x

Hi Oonagh, Had this done 5 or 6 years ago. I was dreading it as a friend filled me in on what happens but the nurses were so brilliant that it wasn’t that bad. You need to leave the idea of having any privacy at home though! I am sure you’ll be fine and it will pass by quickly. Let us know how it goes! Teresa xx

HI girls,

So sorry for late reply Have had a lot on but my DLA form is now finally posted! Just gotta keep everything crossed now.

Thank you all for your words, am sure I’ll be fine. I’m just sooooo sick of this catheter. I’ll have had it for 9 weeks by the time I go for these tests!!! You would have thought (as its the first time I’ve had any problems) that at my last appointment they would have taken it out to see if I could actually pee. Never mind, hopefully it will be sorted soon. My only worry is that when I last saw occ health at work she said she didn’t know whether I’d be able to work where I do if I had to self catheterise! I was a bit shocked (obviously) but I spoke to my MS nurse and she said what a load of rubbish!

I work in a microbiology lab and we deal with live cultures…E,coli etc so I can understand where she’s coming from but for her to just blurt it out as she was actually leaving the meeting wasn’t very professional.

Anyhoo, I had a call from my boss and they are actually doing an office out for me so I won’t actually be in the lab for the time being

I should have started back at work this week but occ health said I can’t while I’m catheterised so I’ll just keep working from home until she decides otherwise.

Okay, moany rant over.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend…the sun has got his hat on here

I had a urodynamic test last fall. It was good to get a baseline. I found my problem was not related to MS, so it is good to get this done if you are having urinary issues. I had a blockage and lots of retension, 700 ml. It was due to BPH so I had TURP surgery to remove the blockage and, now, I no longer have the retension problem. My urologist point out to me that not everything is related to having MS. This was good advice as I find I blame most of my conditions/symptoms on MS.

That is very good advice J. Since I’ve only been recently diagnosed I think every little pain, twinge etc is something to do with my ms.