Urodynamics test

I am getting a urodynamics test done on monday, has anyone had it done before? I would like as much info as possible, I get nervous over the smallest of things but this is not a small thing in my opinion, im kind of freaking out a little, I use catheders on a regular bases but are the catheders used for this test any differant? Is it painfull when they enter the catheders into your bladder or rectum? Or is the procedure not painfull just uncomfortable? Any feedback is much appreciated


If there is anyone who has had a urodynamics test done please let me know how it was, really dreading it.


Not in the least bit painful for myself, slight discomfort of having catheter slid down willy, but then not something I was used to. More of an embarrassment - having one placed in the bum! But I have to say the staff were always sensitive and respectful. You cant tell how the test is going. I had no idea that the result was positive until told.

Thanks for the response, have you bladder and bowel problems? And have you been able to manage better?

Bladder definitely since 2010. Leak something like 400 mls over 10 hours. Bowels Ok now, but went through a long patch where I had to answer the call at the earliest indication to be safe. Fortunately have regained more control now, but still need to be pro-active, whereas before i could wait all day if I had to.

Hi, since I am not sure if this post is from male or female I will say as a female the test was embarrassing but not in the least painful and the catheters used are very small compared to the ones we use daily.

PM me if you are female and I can go into detail for you.


I am male, thanks for the posts anyway guys

lf you have been using catheters then you will not find it any different. The staff do their best not to make you feel embarrassed.

And as you are ‘male’ - it is so much easier for them to hit the spot. lts more hit and miss for the girls.

They usually require you to have a full bladder for your test. Don’t worry about this as you can drink water when you are in the waiting room.


this site tells you what to expect, scroll down to male procedure.

It will be fine I, m sure and tomorrow you will be on the forum saying you wonder why you had been worrying like I did.


Thanks so much people, only joined this website few weeks ago its great for sufferers of ms to discuss simular problems and pass info and help people as much as they can

Urodynamics test tomorrow, alittle nervous to be honest, anyone else who has had this procedure done i would like to hear how it went for yous, i will post tomorrow and let you know how it went


How did it go?

Hey thanks for asking, was a little painful with the catheder but not too bad, im glad its over with… stings alot when I pee but they said thats normal and should be gone soon