What a day! :frowning: Well I resisted the urge to cancel the video urodynamics. But it actually was awful. Everything took so long. Took forever to drain my bladder to get started as I wasnt able to myself. Then they seemed to be having aone concerns that the computer wasnt working right. They filled me and I felt nothing. Then I got dizzy and fortunately was able to warn them in time because I then fainted whilst hooked up to everything on an upright bed, so they were able to lower it in time. Then just get told your bladder doesnt squeeze and you need to learn to self catherize and whisked off to orher side of hospital for a sudden and brisk lesson and sent home in a bit of a shock. I mean is that really the best explanation? What about the ‘why’ it doesnt squeeze? And why did none of the letters prepare me for the fact i was going to be on an upright bed at the same time as all the other ickiness? Horrid and none the wiser. :frowning: kind of sulking, sorry .

Hi Alice, I used to sell those catheters so know quite a bit about bladders and catheters. If you want to ask anything I’ll do my best to answer, on here or by pm. ((Poor you)) Leah :slight_smile:

Thank you Leah, I’d really appreciate that.

Do you have any ideas why they wouldn’t look for the ‘why’ of why my bladder doesn’t ‘squeeze’?

Is there a mundane ‘normal’ reason?

It came on very suddenly…one day it was fine, then in the afternoon, it just stopped working, and I could no longer go.

It gradually improved, but still clearly too bad several months in.

I’d had a number of different symptoms before this, my consultant said he was looking at ruling out TIA or MS, and I’d not really thought much of it, until suddenly my bladder stopped working, and that did make me think ‘uh oh’ in a big way.

But my consultant’s not a neuro so it’s all a bit tricky. Is there a non-MS/normal reason for why I’d suddenly stop being able to go?

Thanks for offering, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Alice do you think you might be a bit phobic of medical situations. It might have led to you tensing up and preventing you urinating. Some people have something called ‘shy bladder syndrome’, also you feeling faint is probably an indication. I dont want to appear unsympathetic but you seem to be making a lot out of not very much, which suggests you were feeling very uptight for your appointment.

Hi - first of all, I think Bob was unfair there, urodynamics is not a nice thing to have, and actually fainting is a common thing during the procedure, which is often why they have measures in place to catch people! Shy bladder syndrome is properly called urinary hesitancy, and yes it can be caused by anxiety, but the urodynamics can easily detect the difference as it usually caused by a failure of the sphincter to relax rather than a failure of the bladder to contract. Alice - in short, there is a possibility that the problem they detected could be not neurological in nature, but without knowing what they saw I can’t be sure. It does sound as though the issue is neurological in origin (ie the message from the brain telling the bladder to relax isn’t getting through). Although neurological isn’t always MS, it could easily be a slipped disc for instance. If you aren’t under the care of a neuro already, I should think you will be referred to one shortly. The fact that they are not looking for something may be because of that, but equally, if they can’t find a neurological cause they often don’t know why it happens, and so the priority is to help you to empty your bladder (hopefully you were told how important this is). I hope that made sense and that it helped, if I can help answer anything else it will be my pleasure (it is nice to be able to offer answers not questions for a change!) Leah :slight_smile: