Well tomorrow i’m off to the bladder clinic… a month after that issue kicked off. It seems to have calmed down a lot with just bad days now. Don’t know what to expect, after recent healthcare visits I’m trying not to have high expectations of it being useful. Feel like I’m just being split into different symptoms rather than whole picture. Hoping that the bladder clinic wonders about the why it kicked off in the bigger picture and doesnt just give me pads and send me away. I guess I feel there’s a chance they might ask the right questions but dont know, and have no clue what the purpose pf this appointment is, if there will be tests. I dont really want to be examined or messed with :confused: Blegh. Whatever it is I have, it is very confusing the way it just flares up an comes and gos. Just as I hit the point of going, okay, there’s definitely somethjbg wrong here, it goes away, esp before I can get near a health professional! I clearly don’t have whitecoat syndrome!

Let me know how you get on as that’s the next step for me too, and I’d feel better if I knew what to expect. Best of luck with it xx

I second Beverly, hope it went okay, you felt heard and got something out of it!

Take care.

Well, I went to the bladder clinic, she ran some non-invasive tests, which showed I had problems starting and keeping a flow,

and that I wasn’t emptying fully, or feeling the need to go, when my bladder was full.

So, I was re-referred to the urologist. Only the NHS system decided to send me to his nurse instead, who ran less specific tests than my previous specialist nurse!

So, now she has referred me on to have some very unpleasant tests done, which I am dreading.

Plus it’s been 2 months since it all kicked off. I have bad days and good days, and am concerned that the tests will show nothing if I’m having a good day? I don’t want to have these horrible invasive tests for nothing.

Does anyone know if there’s any point me having it done on a good day?

Would really appreciate any guidance!



I think the tests you are referring to - urodynmics - are really nothing to worry about in terms of discomfort, could be some slight discomfort I suppose (they apply an anaesthetising lubricant gel). But there is no getting away from an embarrassment factor I guess, and I didnt like the thought of having a tube placed in my bottom, but having said that, I found that the staff are very good at putting you at ease and being midful of your dignity wherever possible. Even if you think you are having a good day, the equipment can detect contractions that you probably wouldnt even know were happening, so may still be diagnostically helpful.

Thanks mrbobowen, Helpful to know even on a good day something could show up. I think youre perhaps made of sterner stuff than I as the tests sound quite awful to me. I also have to be x-rayed at the same time? Have no understanding of how that will work. I’m so confused if it’s worth it, been feeling much better.