Another consultant...

So, I’m still waiting to hear back from my consultant re my scan, not that i expect much as they didnt run the scan he asked for. Another 3 months til I see him, but was supposed to get a letter with the results. Since I had more symptoms develop. Gp wouldnt do much as I had a consultant but referred me to bladder clinic. Nurse has run more tests on me, which I failed, so now I get referred to a Urologist… For yet more tests… Yuck! Sounds horrible, and it’s really frustrating splitting symptoms up instead of looking at whole picture. So now I have a fatigue consultant and a bladder consultant. All I can hope is that at some point someone will do a test that gives an answer other than’yes theres a problem!’ Anyone been dx by a urologist? I’m hopeful they may look at the ‘why’ more?

So frustrating for you. I suppose you can try to take comfort from the fact that all this will be documented (might be a good idea to keep yourself firmly in the correspondence loop, by the way, if you haven’t already) and that if things do not resolve themselves, then eventually even the most dull-witted GP will start to see a case for a neurology referral to check that there isn’t something of that kind going on. So hard to be patient, though.

Hang on in there.