Consultant appointment on the 10th cancelled :(

Consultants secretary rang today to cancel the appointment on Monday because the results from the lumbar puncture still aren’t back! 3 weeks it’s taken and they still aren’t here!!! She’s goin to phone me as soon as they are back and reschedule an appointment - very frustrated right now and had to have a vent!

i know how you feel. i had evoke potential tests months ago and my consultants appointment has been cancelled twice. i have not been dx yet but in a year i have gone from working full time with no symptoms to walking with crutches and my husband taking on the roll as carer. i feel so frustrated at not being able to do simple things and feel so guilty that my family have to look after me and im sure my gp must be fed up with me, but he is so suportive. i do keep trying to focus on what i can do and not on what i cant. so thats my rant over, hope your appointment is soon. x x x x

thats awful i didnt think they would take that long, i hope it hurries up for you

thats awful i didnt think they would take that long, i hope it hurries up for you

That’s tha nhs for you! Grrrr

Oh no Karina - I’m so sorry. Hope they come through soon so you can get some answers. Keep us updated.



Hi, I had my LP on 15th Aug and was told the sample is sent away…and it takes 6-8 weeks to come back. My follow up is 17th oct. So that`s cutting it fine.

luv Pollx

thanks for all the messages, its nice to know stangers care. been to see consultant today got a “tentative” could be ms. still in a sort of shock not sure to be relieved or scared. he wants another mri and lp. i also have to see someone about my bladder and a phycologist, is all this common procedure? had loads of blood taken including some to be sent to copenhagen! he used the words aggressive type. my husband was with me so between the two of us we should remember all the conversation, he seems calm but inside i am absolutly at a loss. thanks again for your messages. love lorraine x x x x

Yes, it’s normal to see other specialists if you need to. The psychologist might be for any emotional or cognitive problems you mentioned? The blood test in Copenhagen is for the JC virus which means that the neuro is considering recommending you to go on Tysabri if it is confirmed that it is MS. (Tysabri is the best DMD available at the moment. It has a very small risk of triggering a dangerous brain infection called PML, but only in patients with the JC virus, a virus that we mostly catch as kids but which then becomes dormant.) Remember that it is still early days though. The neuro thinks it might be MS at the moment, but he won’t know for sure until he gets all the information. So try and keep an open mind.

Stay calm :slight_smile:

Karen x

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