Copy letter received from Consultant


Just received hard copy of results of my spinal MRI which I had a couple of weeks ago reads

I have had achance to review the MRI of the spinal cord. This appears to be normal, I will see her in clinic in due course to review the situation.

I have an appt for end of April???

My legs are aching and stiff, I cannot sleep etc etc…

I feel as though I can read something else into the wording any thoughts anyone?

I have asked if I could speak to my consultant on the phone but this option is not available.

TBH I feel as though I’ll jusr forget things for 3 months not strress myself to much.

I’m going thru a bad patch with my GP think hes ignoring me fed up with me …

sorry to rant.

Any thoughts appreciated - this site is a lifeline

Thanks for reading



could it be that the scan is normal and thats why the date is set for april or could it be that they want to wait until april to see how you feel in the meantime? i dont know but just because he says it appears normal doesnt mean that there’s nothing wrong with you, its just that they dont have a name for it yet.

i would try and forget about it for the time being and get on with things because otherwise its quite detrimental to your well being and i know how hard it is. we always hope that when we get another test or another appointment we will get answers but it is very difficult when we still dont have answers, i tell myself im not hoping for answers but i think secretly i do and its usually a big let down.

im at the stage of “i dont care what you want to call it now, just treat the symptoms” but its taken me a long time to get here and all i can say is get your support from here, we know how hard it is and try not to hope for answers.

love mandy xxx

It’s possible that there is something suggestive of an abnormality, but they’ve decided that it isn’t. It could also be that the neuro knows that spinal MRI is not very reliable - basically it does not reveal lesions very well - so he is never wholly confident in the results and hedges his bets a bit in the wording of his letters.

There is no reason why you can’t have meds to help your symptoms while you wait for the neuro appointment. If your GP won’t prescribe without the neuro’s approval, then he/she needs to write/phone/fax the neuro and ask! Waiting another three months without relief is ridiculous.

Karen x

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Thanks MandyMary - After a long period of nothing happeining waiting for the MRI last week seemed frantic

with getting results or no results as the case may be.

My anxiety levels arew not good - I am going to try to get on with things for a few weeks and treat the symptoms rather than drive myself mad looking for the cause. I am going back to my doc because neuro perscribed 300mg gabapeptin 3

times a day but I dont want to take such a high dose without knowing whats wrong hoping i will be able to take 100mg 3 times a day and see how i go

Hope your symptoms are not to bothersome at the moment - lets hope 2012 will give some answers

Keep well Hx

Thanks Karen -for your advice will be speaking to my gp

Keep Well