No news is good news?

Still waiting for the results of my scans, Had Dr’s in Oct, Neuro in feb scan in April fingers crossed will hear soon, there are problems with appts at the hosp at the mo, (answer phone just says we are trying to sort it out as soon as poss) i am sure there are people in a far worse state than me waiting but still not nice being kept in the dark.


Hi Ame,

Have a word with your GP - he may be able to chase things up for you, or at least find out what’s going on at the hospital.

Good luck

Debbie xx

You must be going mad, it’s two weeks today since my MRI and I was told 10-14 days for results. It’s doing my head in waiting, so you must be pulling your hair out? I too would say get on to Gp and chase it up, you have been waiting months which is too long. Fingers crossed

I’m in the same boat as Apple Pad - struggling with waiting a few weeks, although frustrated that MRIs of spine and neck only. I’d be losing the plot by now if I was you. AP is right, it is worth a try getting your Dr to chase. Hope you get news soon! Cx