MRI Results

My MRI scan was around the 21st February, I’ve waited for the results and the letter came from the hospital this morning. I expected to open the letter and read that the result is normal, instead I’ve been given an appointment with the neurologist on the 2nd of June (he comes to my local hospital on a sunday).

I’m confused now, if it was normal would they waste an appointment to tell me that?

I can’t believe how long its taking to get the results bearing in mind that will be 3 and a half months from the scan!

There will be a radiology report which will have gone to the neuro. You can ask for a copy and, if necessary, I can explain it to you, but only the neuro can say for sure what the conclusion is from it. MRI results are just one piece of evidence that a neuro uses to diagnose and a clear MRI does not mean that nothing is going on because there are many neurological conditions that dont show up on MRI. So there could be several reasons why you have this appointment: the MRI has shown something; the MRI is clear but the neuro believes something is wrong anyway; the MRI is clear and your neuro is someone who likes to explain why you are OK before discharging you. One thing is certain: if the MRI has shown something, it is not urgent - otherwise your appointment would have been long ago. Karen x

Thankyou Karen for taking the time to answer, much appreciated.