MRI: who interpreter them??

Sorry to keep posting, but it’s hard to think of much else. Who interprets the MRI?? Is it the neuro or the radiographer?? If the MRI is clear, would I wait longer to get an appointment through from neuro?? Should I take it as a good sign that I haven’t yet got an appointment date through?? They said 6 weeks and it’s been 8 1/2. I know it’s not long over the 6 weeks, but the appointments are usually given out a few weeks in advance

Hi, a consultant radiologist read mine and wrote up a report ans sent a copy of both the disk and report to my nuero.

the a consultant radiologist writes a report and sends it to the neurologist, I got my results in a fortnight but that’s because of the results being what they were. Its hard to tell from the length of wait about what the results are, if you want to you could ring the neurologist secretary and ask them how long you will be waiting.

As others have said, the Consultant Radiologist will do a report for the Consultant Neurologist who commissioned the scan. Around here, the two have occasional review meetings to talk over any exceptions that are non-straightforward. That can build in a bit more delay on top of the usual.


thank you.

the actual MRI was only 2 weeks ago, but i have been waiting for a neuro app since 4th april. i can’t remember which consultant asked for the MRI and they took my letter with his name on it atthe scan.

can’t believe the scan was only2 weeks ago. feels like my life is in slow motion just now