MRI RESULTS ????????

Hello all could anyone tell me how long one should wait for MRI results to come back. I was told about 10 days yet when I rang the receptionist all most laughed and said I should not have been told that and they would be in touch that was 2 weeks ago not sure what to do im not good at this sort of thing I hate bothering people espacially if like docs there busy

Two weeks??? Bloody hell, that is a long time. I usually get mine in the time it takes for me to get up stairs from the MRI department to my Neurologist’s clinic, about 10 minutes.

All it takes to get the results is for the radioligist to have a look at the films and write a report. I can’t believe they have that much of a back log. Mine are done in a big teaching hospital and at a major MS clinic which sees hundreds of MS patients without any delays.

The old saying of the “squeaky wheel gets results” might be applicable for you. I’d start ringing every 48 hours. They will get sick of you all right but that is OK. They will just give you your results to shut you up and so they should. There is no excuse for a delay of that long. Doctors aren’t gods and their receptionists certainly aren’t, much as they like to think they are. You have every right to get your results so don’t let some receptionist intimidate you into waiting longer than you need to. Go get 'em and good luck


hi Belinda thanks for that I just rang to be told by the receptionist there somewhere she has seen them the DR has not written a note yet but she will look into it !!!

YAY!!! Now keep after them… if you haven’t heard back in 48 hours back on that phone!

People Power and down with Dragon Receptionists

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I waited 4 weeks for latest MRI - was quite impressed. But hold on, was another 7 weeks for the results! A scant few sentences they were too but straight to the point. Sometimes I think the cog’s turning in reverse!

“Your Gas Mileage May Vary”

My first MRI was done privately, and I walked out with a set of very large prints in negative format - and waited a couple of weeks for the consultant to come back from holiday.

The second one was in an NHS hospital. When the neurologist went to show me them on screen, there was nothing there. It was subsequently determined that “someone” in Imaging had attached the scans to the wrong patient file! This was soon sorted.

My wife went for a scan at another NHS hospital; this was done on contract by a local private hospital, with a scanner in a large trailer in the car-park. She was told that the scans would have to be sent to South Africa for “interpretation”.

Makes you think …


After chasing up MRI results I have got an appointment with the neuro not till November but I suppose beggers cant be chooser’s and the other way to look at it is no news is good news

Know what you mean Tizzie I have a really long wait for my MRI results and it does start to grind you down.

It surprises me that some people tend to get the results by letter from the consultant and yet I will get my results when I see the consultant.


your so right Gillian Iam not sure if I rang if they would send them to me but to be honest I would be none the wiser !!!

Hi Tizzie, mine usually take two weeks but they sometimes take longer. I think it all depends on how long it takes for the radiologist to write the report as a lot of neuros are not MS specialists and rely on the report to confirm diagnosis (well, mine did anyway and I’d rather have the right diagnosis even if it takes more time, lol). Having said that, the neuro can chase a report up to speed up the process so yes, a bit of pressure on their secretary may well be worth it. Good luck hun.

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thanks for your messages everyone xxxxxxx I will let you know how I get on in November xxx