MRI waiting For result

Hello, I had an MRI (with contrast) of my Brian and spine on the 2 July in Harlow following neurological problems and optic neuritis. I was told today that the earliest they can see me is the 22 August, I am so desperate to get the result of my MRI, I can’t believe that I have to wait this long stressing about it. I asked the radiologist in the day if I had lesions and told me that they will be in touch real soon. Making me stress even more. Sorry for the rant. Lisa

Hi Lisa… terrible to have to wait so long!!! Unfortunately it’s very common.

Contact the neurologist’s secretary… you should be able to find a name on the hosptial website, or phone the hospital and ask.

Ask the secretary if she / he could possibly contact you if they have a cancelation… say you don’t mind short notice and give them your mobile phone number. Stress how worried you are!

Good luck. I hope they can fit you in sooner. In meantime, you might just get a letter from the neuro with more info.

Try not to stress out too much (ha that’s asking the impossible!).

Take care and hope you get some definite news soon,

Pat x

Hello Snow Leopard, thank you I will give them a call and try and add my name to a cancellation list if there is something like that. Lisa xxxx

Hi the I had same problem was supposed to way 3 months for results of scan thought not having that feel poorly so got some one who does nt take no on the phone and hay presto a cancelation and saw th neuro same week


I am also under neuro at harlow. His secretary is very good, explain that symptoms are “driving me nuts” and she will look for cancellation or put you on list to be phoned if one arises!

Hope this helps


p.s, you can also ask for copy of mri report from the secretary and she will post it to you. Or ask gp as they often get results letters before we do!

Thank You for the replies, I will get in touch with my GP to see if they have received the report from the MRI. I spoke to the appointment line this morning and I am waiting for a cancellation. Lisa xxx

Great news, just had a call back from Fiona, my appointment was moved forward to the 2 August, that I can handle. Yay

That’s good :slight_smile: hope things go ok x

Good news . The waiting is awful

Hey lisa,

I am away for 10 days on hols, but just wanted to say good luck for the 2nd Aug.!!

I am now diagnosed rrms. The neuro at harlow was brilliant, he took time with me and explained loads. I also start DMD’s as soon as they can arrange it all. Hope your appt is as good as mine. (oops not hoping you get diagnosis of ms tho) !!!

If you need to chat, inbox me and i will reply on my return.

Lea xx

Hello Lea,

Thank you for the well wishes, I really hope that I dont have MS but any diagnosis for the problems I have will be great, I was informed that they have instructed for a spincal tap to be done and I am not looking forward to that.

I hope you have great break and hope you return well rested.

Lisa xxx

Hello Lisa

I usually post on the Everday Living part of the site but happened to notice your post while I was having a glimps on the new diagnosis part of the site.

Hope you got on well at your appt today and that you get some sort of answers.

Also, don’t worry about the spinal tap as mine was completely painless as was a lot of others I have spoken with about this.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hello Shazzie, I didn’t see the Neurologist but a specialist nurse instead, she basically told me what the letter and results from the radiologist that I received in the post said. I have a Cyst on my brain and she doesn’t really know much about this, I have my lumber puncture on the 22nd August and more blood test at Adingbrooks Neurological department. There is no obvious lesions on my brain or spine but I show a lot of symptoms and I hope that the rest of the tests will bring some clarity. Apparently you can have MS and show no Lesions in the beginning stages. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but show neurological symptoms that are not part of the FM criteria. The investigation started after optic neuritis and I pray for good news. Not sure if you know but if the Spinal Tap is clear will that mean I definitely don’t have MS? Thank you for the reply. Lisa

Oh Lisa. I didn’t realise you had a cyst on your brain. You must be very worried. At least they seem to be monitoring you thoroughly.

I had a d/x of MS in 2005 following a bout of ON. I was admitted and had MRI and lumber puncture. I had lesions on my brain and the LP showed poitive for obliconal bands and I was told that because of the lesions and the oblicolanal bands it was a positive d/x of MS. In a strange way I was relileved that there was a d/x and we could then work on it.

So to sum it up I was told that if the bands appear in the spinal tap fluid then this would be final.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck with the results of the other tests. I hope you get an answer soon. It is horrible being in limbo.

Take care.
Shazzie xx