Hospital appt yesterday to see urologist after being referred by ms nurse as self catheterisation wasn’t going as planned, uri,s kidney infections. Anyway urologist wasn’t happy that I had been pout on self catheterisation especially as I had never had any infections prior to that in fact he seamed quite angry even. Anyway after examination and internal I have enlarged prostrate that needs further investigation hence the title Urodynamics, anyone had any experience of this? He did say that the problem is not ms related and sc would never have really helped just caused more problems in the long run. Depending on the results of the test depends what happens then he never really shed any light on that.

Been there done that twice he will send a camera up in to your bladder so he can examine your prostrate etc nothing to

Worry about all quite painless but I a little embarrassing I had it twice because of continuing infections my problems are

Ms I now take cbd oil witch has helped greatly .

hiya db

i had these tests done over 2 yrs ago. there was no camera involved so i am guessing that the term urodynamics is a wide umbrella!

as its not ms related then i think the simple camera option is prob whats in store for you. (that is just a guess!)

for me i had sensors/probes in both ‘orifices’ down there and the testing was very thorough!

in the room were 2 male drs (behind a screen), a female nurse - who was with me at all times and my friend who was other side of room behind another screen.

the drs said on the day that my bladder wasnt emptying preperly and catheter was recommended. i have had only 6 uti’s in 12 years.

there was no follow up! which i have just left because as far as i am concerned a catheter is just another route to let infection in and i am controlling it well with cranberry tablets. i know that for many on here that is been a positive thing in their lives!

anyway, back to you, i would ask exactly what they plan to do. i can understand why the urologist was p’d off! (every pun intended!)

re psa-i hope that would be a standard thing to check under these circumstanceds. after saying that an infection can give an unclear reading!

gosh-nothings straightforward eh?!



sorry-u didnt mention psa-sorry-so ignore that bit!


Good luck for a positive outcome.


Yes I’m sure I heard him say a tube in both orifices (oooohhhh matron) then he fills me with fluid and measures the outcome and uses the camera. And voila

hiya again

sounds very similar to what i had done tho there was no camera-both probes were linked to a computer (tho maybe there was a camera on screen?) i never heard the word camera being mentioned.

at one point they did ask me to cough-which sent me into fits of giggles cos i thought they asked boys to do that! so there was pee everywhere-oops!

the whole thing took about an hour and there was no pain at all.

hope its as stress free for you!


I think I had the same procedure as Ellie. And they established that I wasn’t having bladder spasms, didn’t have a typical neurogenic bladder and so Botox wouldn’t work. But the urologist liked Botox So didn’t tell me it was unlikely to help me. I had Botox. It didn’t work.