Victim of fraud/theft

I recieved both jobseekers and DLA payments on tuesday which is quite a lot of money for me being unemployed I transfer money to savings as usual leaving some money in my bank account for spending when it came to Friday I was due to get my hair cut and foyund out there was only £3  left in my bank so I had to transfer some savings to be able to pay for essentials

On Sat I rwecieved a letter from my bank saying they could not pay the £500 transfer I had requested, naturally I was shocked because I had not requested that transfer or the one that emptied my bank account angry After speakuing to my bank I have found out that somebody has requested a transfer of £450 which emptied my aqccount then another transfer of £500 which was rejected.

So to cut a long story swhort on the same day I got my benefits somebody else has stole them from me letdown I have to wait until Monday now before I can speak with the fraud dept to investigate the matter. nervous

Hi Jon,

I'm afraid this won't help you, but all I can do is sympathise letdown

I had money taken fraudulently from my current account last year. Some firm based in Malta (somewhere I've never ever been) managed to take two payments in quick succesion totalling over £2000 - without the bank even querying this or asking for some kind of proof/validation that it was a legit transaction.

When I phoned the Bank to report it, the muppet that anwered the phone just managed to stay awake long enough to say that all banks would've processed the transaction without question, despite this activity being totally alien to my usual conduct. 

I tell you, if the person I spoke had been physically in front of me with that attitude, I'd have punched them ( help to me, but I genuinely felt they deserved at least that angry)

Jon, I do hope you get this sorted to your satisfaction. It's a horrible thing to happen and I hope your Bank display far better customer skills than I experienced!

Good luck,



wich bank are you with? Im with HSBC and a simlar thing happened to me a few years back. HSBC got interpol involved wich is what evry bank are supposed to do. It took about 3 months but i did get all of it back. I know thats not any help to you now as it wasnt to me at the time i was done but you should get all of it back.

My current account is the co-op which is where the money was taken from.

Thankfully  I have an instant  access ISA with ING so I can just transfer some savings accross for spending money (something I didn't want to do)

The lady I reported it to was very nice and helpful and changed all my security details etc and put a hold on my acc making a note for the fraud team to read when I contact them.

I really hope that it doesnt take 2 months to get that money back as I will have to keep digging into my savings letdown

Hi, this happened to my husband a couple of months ago but luckily NatWest picked up on it and rang my husband querying a transaction, it was the third fraudulent transaction in the same day, monies were put back in the same day. So can’t fault NatWest . Hope you get it sorted soon. Karen

Well thankfully the fraud dept at my bank sorted the problem out straight away and the money I had stolen was back in my account at the end of the day.Thankyou co-op I really appriciate it and they were the only bank that would give me a basic cash card account in the first place, I really like the co-op.

That is very good news. What a horrible thing to happen, though. I am glad it is all sorted out now.



Oh that's awful - there's so much of this fraud around. I'm so sorry you're going through this. xx