A warning!

if you are thinking about investing with the Halifax, think again.
Or, better yet, ask them how easy it will be to get your money out when you need it - and record the answer.
I have been trying to close my account (a Cash ISA) for well over a month, and all I have had is evasions and lies.

I am registered for on-line banking (should be ideal for the housebound, right?
When I try to transfer part of the sum to my current account, up pops some security type demanding to know where I got the account number and sort code for the account I want the money transferred to.

It seems he did not like my reply - that I had had this account for over 40 years - as he put a bar on my Halifax account without telling me.
On phoning their complaints number, I found out about the bar, and the person at the other end told me that she had removed the bar, and suggested telephone banking. She would send me a secure number to use over the phone,
Two weeks later this number has not arrived. On phoning I was told the date it was sent (last month), that a new one would be sent, but it would do me no good as the account still had a bar on it.
I get transferred to the “Fraud Department”. I can get the bar lifted by visiting my local branch with two forms of ID (one photo). and the response to my being housebound is to get somebody from a local branch to visit and verify the ID,
I am still waiting for the phonecall to set up the visit.

Tonight, when I phone “Complaints” I am told that the department I want is closed (Complaints is supposed to be 24/7).
Hence this rant.


Blinkin’ heck

how flipping frustrating.

sending virtual raspberries to Halifax

shame we can not present them with an invoice for your time and stress.


Phone to Banking Ombudsman http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/


They gave me the run around when I transferred my Cash ISA to Nationwide, I thought it was just my branch maybe not. Jan x

Hi Geoff,

The person finance columns of Newspapers often seem to get results. At least the one’s they print do.

When I had trouble getting one of my private pensions over the course of a year. Finally I sent a letter marked “On Notice” and “Copied to FCA”. I got my money after a few days.



Hiya, definitely not sticking up for any bank/building society but wonder whether all the spam thefts & money laundering has made some banks/building societies go over the top with security without thinking it through on behalf of their customers.

Last time I moved house I successfully changed address on line with 2 banks. They confirmed the change by sending a letter to me at the old address which was correctly forwarded to me by Royal Mail. The 3rd (could have begun with an H!) didn’t have the facility to change address online but I had to request a form to complete. After I received it by mail redirection I completed it. The fun then started! Received a letter from them sent to my new address (!) saying that for security reasons I had to go to a branch and produce ID. Miles away with no parking close so I phoned and had discussion with them, they insisted there was no other way for security reasons and eventually said they’d pay for a taxi to get me there. I recountered with “No - I’ve banked with you for 30 years and can give you any information you require about my accounts including details of the last 2 cheques I paid out”. They then apologized for cashing the cheques without proof of my identity!!! In the end, like Doctor Geoff they eventually sent me a code so I could complete the change. All this took about 3 weeks and during that time … they were merrily sending advertising mail to my new address!!!

Think they need a more sensible Head of Security!!!

Tippy x

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GGood, AD, - if you go to the Banking Ombudsman first, none of the national press will handle a complaint.
Both these were on my list of possible actions, but I did not have the phone no. - thanks George.
Now Halifax are owned by Lloyds, and I do have the e-mail for the Lloyds CEO.
I would not expect him to do anything personally, but any complaint coming down from the top man does tend to gather weight as it comes down.

I have spoken with “customer services” this morning, and they are trying to get someone from one of the local branches to contact me. I think they got the message that I was not a happy cuistomer. They do not yet know just how unhappy I am, or what action(s) I am contemplating. They do have an idea of my timescale, but not quite how short it is.


Geoff. Finding Antonias email address really isn’t that hard buddy.

You are right, Charlie, all you need is the right search term. The list of CEOs is one I have used before - with good results:

If anyone else needs to complain about anything, it is at https://www.ceoemail.com